Romance Book Review!! ~ Single Dad on Top: A Billionaire and a Baby Romantic Comedy by J.J. Knight


Billionaire bachelor, meet your secret baby. Instructions not included.
A single dad romantic comedy from the Top 100 author of the Pickleverse

I’m always on top.
My penthouse.
My corporate office above Manhattan.
And, of course, the women in my life.

Actually, I might choose any position.
But make no mistake. I choose. I control.
My life is mine.

Which is why I’m not sure what the hell is going on when I open my front door and there’s a baby stroller sitting in the private hall outside my penthouse.

The note on the infant simply says, “Do the DNA. She’s yours.”

Well, damn.

This was an unexpected treat. Dell is an uptight billionaire who has arranged his life exactly the way he wants it, at least until a tiny screaming bundle of joy shows up on his doorstep. He needs help but the only kind available doesn’t bend to his will, at least not immediately.

Arianna grew up wealthy and privileged and totally alone, and she’s made it her life’s mission to make sure no other rich kids grow up the same way with her boutique childcare business. When the handsome and enigmatic Dell Brant shows up harried in desperate need for help, everything changes.

For them both.

Although not laugh out loud funny, Single Dad on Top was very humorous in a lot of ways, namely watching Dell and his stiff upper lip butler, Bernard, deal with baby Grace. They were both out of their depth and it allowed for moments of hilarity between the simmering tension building between Dell and Arianna.

Her desire to help Grace is ultimately her undoing—both good and bad—as she sticks around to help the baby which means getting to know the playboy billionaire better. He’s got layers and no matter how hard she tries to resist, the man is irresistible. But she flips the script on him and that makes the ending all the more satisfying.



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