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~Review Not Quite Perfect – Gretchen Galway

Get your copy HERE today!!! ABOUT THIS BOOK: Serial temp worker April Johnson is nothing like her wildly successful brothers. She doesn’t have an Olympic gold medal. She doesn’…

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~Review – Back To Us – Rachel Hanna

Get it HERE today!!! BLURB: Indy Stone is a well regarded professional therapist with her life all planned out. She’s spent her life trying to escape her dysfunctional up…

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Definitely worth the read!

A. Nicky Hjort Books

What’s love got to do with it?

I’m sitting here snuggled up in a comfy bed with warm toes and my hair in Dorothy braids as I type this hoping my response will be worthy of such a profound question. One we all keep asking ourselves yet never seem to be able to answer for longer than a fleeting moment before we get all fickle and change our minds about the nature of the force that turns the world round. Whew! That was a long sentence.

My beautiful babies sleep peacefully in the room next door and James Arthur keeps reminding me to “Say You Won’t Let Go” because I’m playing him on a loop to keep me focused. And while I listen to this beautiful song (sorry Lionel) again and again, on my bedside table sits a half full cup of coffee with peppermint creamer, which I can smell from here (delicious), and a mostly full glass of red wine. Both of them trying…

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Review ~ Burn So Bright – Jennifer Bernard

Buy it HERE today!!! About this book: Wildfire “hotshot” Josh Marshall is all about fun, firefighting and flirting. But ever since his crew got trapped in a burnover, he’s been…

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Review ~ Tell Me Not To Go – Victoria De La O

    Buy it HERE today! About this book: Jeff Price is in a long-term relationship rut–nothing a move from Utah to Silicon Valley can’t solve. But when he meets Samantha, his sister’s best…

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Here is my interview with DL Gallie

Here’s a cocktail lovin’ author (I assume) with a booze themed series! It’s on my tbr list as of right this minute.


Name DL Gallie

Age 35

Where are you from Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

I’m a mum of 2 and my husband and I have been together since I was 16. We are currently renovating a house – I thought we’d have it done in 10 weeks, we are coming up on 3 years.

I went to college and studied Travel & Tourism. I worked for a travel agency for 5 years before my husband and I went travelling for 3 years. We lived in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Collingwood, Ontario, Canada before moving back to Australia and starting our family.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

Book 2, Tequila Healing will release in 11 days and I’m about two thirds of the way through book 3, Wine Not

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

My husband kept…

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Review ~ Unsurpassed – Charity Parkerson

Buy it HERE today!!! About this book: Book 1 in the No Rival series For months, Aubree has been obsessed with two men—best friends, Max and Ryan. She’s resigned herself to having her desires be not…

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Review ~ Royal Scandal – Marquita Valentine

Buy it HERE TODAY! ABOUT THIS BOOK:  Forced to flee to the United States with his siblings after their parents’ assassination, Crown Prince Colin Sinclair takes it upon himself to beco…

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