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Romance Book Review! ~ Faking Love with the Billionaire Boss by Serenity Woods

Faking Love with the Billionaire Boss is part of The Auckland Billionaires series by Serenity Woods.


Faking love with your brother’s gorgeous best mate is never going to end well…

When Titus Oates calls to ask me if I’d do him a favor and accompany him on a visit to a potential investor in the UK, I hyperventilate and have to breathe into a brown paper bag.

Ever since I was sixteen and he kissed me at a birthday party, I’ve had a huge crush on him, so I’m not going to pass up on the chance to spend some time with him while he’s here. The wealthy investor owns a stately home in Devon, and the week promises to be great fun, with a murder-mystery night and even a fancy ball, so I’m excited to agree.

Titus intends for us to go as friends, but the problems start when the investor immediately assumes we’re a couple. Flummoxed, I don’t correct him, and we end up in that awkward situation where we can’t break the charade without embarrassing ourselves. So we decide the easiest option is to pretend to be an item.

Unfortunately, when we end up sharing a room, the sizzling attraction that’s always been between us inevitably turns faking love into making love. Titus is going back to New Zealand after his visit. And I work in the UK. We can’t possibly have a future together. But a short-term fling seems like a great idea, until it’s time to part…


Contains no cheating, no cliffhangers, just a scorching romance and a heart-melting HEA 🙂

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Book Review!! ~ Happy Stinkin’ New Year (Hella Holidays) by Oona Ryda & Candace Ayers


An obsessively overthinking geeky gamer chick…

It all starts when I crash a Halloween party to save my naive, gullible sister from the clutches of Manhattan’s biggest billionaire playboy, Hunter Ellington.

I don’t find my sister, but I do find myself playing tonsil hockey with a hot Zorro in a dark closet.

Hey, he isn’t the typical hoity-toity trust fund snob.

He’s funny, charming, surprisingly witty, and I like him. Until he answers an urgent call, promises to return, and completely ghosts me.

Of course he does because, as I soon learn, my hot Zorro and Manhattan’s biggest player are one in the same.

A couple weeks later, when an opportunity for revenge falls in my lap, I take it. I’m petty that way.

A fun-loving, smoking-hot billionaire playboy…

I never meant to ghost her. If she’d have waited just a little longer…

Now here she is, standing in my office.

Rose Buchanan is the liaison to the brilliant developer of what, if placed in the right hands, will be the next social media app to take the word by storm—those hands happen to be mine.

Unfortunately, she’s out for blood—also mine.

I really want to get my hands on that app.

I really want to get my hands on Rose Buchanan.

To do either, I need to prove that there’s more to me than my reputation suggests.

Game on.

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