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Shellie & Alex’s Wine-y Cranberry Sauce

The ladies of Mustang Prairie love to celebrate all holidays and occasions–big and small–and a holiday totally dedicated to eating and drinking? Well they couldn’t resist coming up with a new twist on an old favorite!

Shellie: This recipe is strictly for the adult crowd! Think of it as kind of a mulled wine cranberry sauce because you’ll need much more than sugar and water for this delicious dish. Alex is on wine duty because she’s a far more competent drinker than I am but this recipe was a collaboration between me and my bestie…even if she can’t eat this yet!

Alex: You all know I think pretty much any dish can be improved upon with booze, and turkey day makes that doubly true. Who can deal with a packed house full of over-sexed senior citizens, matchmaking old ladies, a growing list of friends and Shirl, who is in a class of her own, without the aid of alcohol?

This year I have no choice but to endure it sober, which means I’m dedicated to making sure everyone else is as relaxed as possible. So, let’s get to cooking! Continue reading Shellie & Alex’s Wine-y Cranberry Sauce