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Review ~ Christmas Nights – J.H. Croix

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Sometimes it takes more courage to love than to be alone.

When Janie Stevens gets fished out of the icy ocean after a boating accident, she doesn’t expect to fall for the man who saves her. Travis Wilkes, the man in question, is all kinds of man—firefighter, emergency responder and pure, rugged masculinity. She’s completely unprepared for the burning, yearning craving he kindles.

Travis is the quintessential sexy outdoorsman and much too busy for love. He’s been honed by a life on the edge in Alaska and not much rattles him. When he yanks Janie out of the freezing waters of picturesque Kachemak Bay, he takes one look into her eyes and can’t stop thinking about her. A man who doesn’t blink in the face of danger finds himself nearly brought to his knees by a woman.

Janie has her reasons for being committed to a life that doesn’t include romance. To say she has trust issues is a bit of an understatement. With the sparks flying between Janie and Travis burning too hot for them to ignore, they discover there may be much more than passion binding them together. Steamy nights, snowy days and Christmas just might convince Travis and Janie that love is possible.

This wasn’t my first Diamond Creek, Alaska novel and I doubt it’ll be my last even though they are sometimes hit or miss. Christmas Nights though was pure, romantic fun. Janie gets pulled from ice cold water by resident bachelor, town hero and rugged outdoorsman, Travis and from there, things get interesting. Janie and Travis kind of dance around each other at first, which was fun to watch because they both had their own reasons—though totally lame ones—for not pursuing romance.

Once they started spending time together, I was hooked. First of all, you have to love any guy who saves your life and then stops to check on you in the hospital. And throw in that sizzling chemistry that was there in the hospital room with them and you knew this was going to be a fun read. Travis is hot and all man, but he’s also sweet and kind, so yeah I have a bit of a crush on him.

One of the best things about Christmas Nights is that it was a mostly angst-free read. There was drama, particularly where Janie’s reasons for being wary of relationships was concerned and that was more than enough drama, and not in a bad way. There were no scheming exes or crazy stalkers either. Just one precocious teenager and two adults trying to find love in Alaska. Oh! That’s the other thing J.H. Croix does really well with these novels. I feel like I’ve been to Alaska (I haven’t…yet) but the author really pulls you into the rugged chaos of the terrain, the beauty and serenity of the area.

Over the past year and a half I have become a solid J.X. Croix fan because of the Diamond Creek, Alaska series and this one was the perfect holiday read. Steamy, sweet and just enough Christmas to make you feel warm and fuzzy.