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COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT!!! ~ Stay All Night by D.B. James & S.L. Peters

Title: Stay All Night
Series: Sugarcreek Love #1
Author: D.B. James and S.L. Peters
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 19, 2019
Cover Credit: FuriousFotog
“Stay all night,” were the words echoing from her lips as I slid from the bed like the scumbag I am.
My name is Tobias Roman Jefferson. I’m a college drop-out fresh from living on my buddies’ couch and nowhere near worthy enough for the likes of Janie Lynn Francis—the hottest girl in Sugarcreek, Texas. Who also happens to be the woman I’ve been in love with for the last nineteen years.
When one stormy night we’re left stranded in my old cabin in the woods, we give to our passion. Only to repeat ourselves the next night…at her house. When she whispers her plea, I escape from her bed as fast as I possibly can.
How can I, the town screw-up, deem myself worthy of the town’s one-time homecoming queen?

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BOOK REVIEW!!! ~ Season of Love by Jill Sanders

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season of love, pride oregon seriesLilly Stevens didn’t have time to flirt anymore, and that was a real shame because the man of her dreams was right next door. Opening a boutique, Classy and Sassy, with her cousin has taken all of her free time, and her spending money. Still, it was hard to say no to the blond-haired man with sexy green eyes and a killer smile. Not only was he gorgeous, but the man could make her laugh, and that was one of the most important items on her list of must-haves for potential loves of her life.

Corey and his twin, Carter, have finally achieved their lifelong dreams of being on their own. Finally, they can have a normal life, even if their dark history makes them leery of letting anyone in. But the little town of Pride has a way of shedding light in the darkest corners. Now, the sexy girl-next-door has caught his eye, but she’s too perfect for someone with his history, even if her slate eyes and lush pouty lips demand his attention.



I always enjoy reading stories from Jill Sanders’ Pride, Oregon series because they never let me down and Season of Love was no different…mostly.

From the first page I loved Lilly and Corey, both on their own and together as a couple. Lilly comes from a big, boisterous loving family which is a stark contrast to the human garbage that raised Corey and his twin brother Carter. Because of that Corey thinks he may not be good enough for Lilly, but she’s one half of Class & Sassy and my girl won’t stand for her man thinking of himself that way.

Corey was big and strong but so sweet it was hard to find anything wrong with him. Even when he harped on his upbringing it was never to the point of me rolling my eyes in annoyance. I felt for the guy, I truly did and the way he couldn’t stay away from Lilly, well let’s just say I was fanning my face at his sweet, boy next door hotness!

When things got hot between them, they got HOT and honestly I just wanted more time with them.

If I have any complaints about Season of Love it’s to do with the last fifteen percent of the story. It was over the top dramatic and unnecessary. I won’t give anything away but I thought it came out of left field and it didn’t really add anything to the story…except maybe (hopefully) setting up a story for Riley & Carter (fingers crossed, Jill…wink, wink).

This was a fast fun read that I enjoyed. If not for the drama at the end, a five star read for sure!


Mustang Prairie


Shellie Winthrop is happy with her life in Mustang Prairie. She has her best friend Alex, her consulting business helping town businesses succeed, Merlot Mondays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and…you get it) plus a town full of people she’s known and loved most of her life. When super sexy Noel Hampton moves to town he shows her how much happier she could be.

Noel Hampton is not happy about moving from NYC to the speck of a town called Mustang Prairie. But if he wants to make VP of KitchenMart he’ll go and he will make it work. When he encounters a petite spitfire hellbent on standing in his way, Noel finds there is more to life than career advancement.

DRE never returned to Emerald Creek after the man she thought she’d marry broke her heart. But a late night phone call from half way around the world brings her right back to her hometown. And face to face with the man she never thought she’d seen again. Summer in Emerald Creek was everything she remembered—endless festivals, picnics in the park and time with her best friend and her favorite little tykes—and Dre is finding it hard to resist the pull of the chemistry she and Erick still have.