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NEW RELEASE & EXCERPT!!! ~ Collateral Damage by Jessica Wayne

Title: Collateral Damage
Series: A Tethered Novel
Author: Jessica Wayne
Genre: Urban Fantasy with Romance
Release Date: July 18, 2018


After a spell left him frozen in time, Timothy McGinley swore off all things magic and accepted that he was destined to walk the earth forever. But when a witch saves his life, he discovers he is facing his own mortality for the first time in two centuries.
Paislee Adams was stolen from everything she knew because she possessed what one man craved: power. After she escapes, she dedicates her life to honing her magic in an effort to destroy the man who owned her for so much of her life.
Fate brings these two together and as they race against the clock to stop the man who has a deadly obsession with them both, Timothy and Paislee are both forced to face the demons of their past in an effort to secure a future they weren’t sure they deserved.

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COVER REVEAL!! ~ Tricksters Hunt by Carrie Whitethorne and Kel Carpenter

Title: The Tricksters Hunt
Series: Three Tricksters Harem #1
Authors: Carrie Whitethorne & Kel Carpenter 
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: May 18, 2018


Maia Reeves, at your service.



Competitive Eater. Social media personality. Layabout. You might have heard of me. 



I’m always hungry. So, like any savvy entrepreneur, I’ve made a career out of it. That is, until the U.K. semi-final.



I was living it up in London: eating, drinking, more eating. It was great, until three guys popped up out of nowhere and it all went a bit, well…bonkers.



Turns out genies, or more accurately, Djinn, exist. They really do grant wishes, and it’s not just their hands that are magical.
Now I have three following me around.
Best bit? They’re bloody gorgeous.
Worst bit? They’re nothing but trouble.


Carrie is a mum. An author. A creator of worlds. A dreamer. A friend.
At her childhood home in Yorkshire, Carrie was encouraged to utilize her imagination, to see things for what they could be, and to ask the question “what if?” Her mum introduced her to worlds filled with magic: Barrie, Lewis, Tolkien, Blyton. That magic evolved and continued to inspire her when she discovered Rowling and Sanderson. They all asked the question and explored the possibilities, opening doors to new adventures that would forever change generations to come. 

Even as a child, Carrie preferred creative outlets and writing. But as an adult, Carrie had not yet had that moment of inspiration to begin writing a novel of her own. That all changed one normal morning, on a normal walk to school, when a small boy slipped from the pavement and on to the road. There was no accident. No horror. Just a near miss that later formulated into one question: what if he was able to save himself? Fueled by this question and Carrie’s love of fantasy, European folklore, and mythological creatures, The Riftkeepers emerged. This world answered her question. The series gave birth to characters that took on a life of their own, many telling continued stories in novellas and spinoffs.


When Carrie isn’t writing and annoying her editor with endless typos, she barely sleeps, thinks about her characters, indulges in an unhealthy Facebook addiction, exploring the beauty of the Lake District as her backyard, and contemplating which she loves more: pizza or wine. Definitely wine. Considered to be one of the most boring people she knows, writing her own biography was a definite weakness. Her first draft was rubbish and was picked apart by friends who insisted she was funnier and far more interesting than she gives herself credit. She was no longer allowed to write her own biography, so she provided input.

Carrie now resides in West Cumbria with her husband and two children. They are her inspiration. Her world.
Kel Carpenter is a USA Today Bestselling Author and writer of all things fantasy. She loves reading, watching Netflix original shows, and subjecting her favorite co-author and editor to crazy, harebrained book ideas. Kel currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her boyfriend and three fur-children. When she is not writing or working on completing her senior year of college, she is spending time with her dog, Harley, or teasing her two cats with a laser pointer.


BLOG TOUR!! ~ Magic Lover’s by Shelly McGowan

Title: Magic’s Lovers
Series: Arcadia Global #1
Author: Shelly McGowan
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Deception and love leaves a new sorceress teetering on the edge of black magic, from which there is no return or forgiveness.

When her grandmother dies, Shay Mallory is thrust into the incredibly real world of sorcery. Along with her grandmother’s astonishing fortune, Shay has also inherited her magic powers. She is now a powerful sorceress, only if she can control her powers. As Shay begins her magical training, she finds her previous mundane life is more complicated and sinister than she realized.

As Arcadia Global’s CEO, Pierce Gresham begins teaching her the rules of sorcery, he steals her heart. But when he abruptly ends their relationship, the pressures of her magical training and the real world leave Shay teetering on the edge of black magic, from which there is no return or forgiveness.

Magic’s Lovers introduces readers to the world of magic and the epic struggle of those that govern, protect, and enforce against those forces that would use black magic to destroy everything.

Enter the world of Arcadia Global and learn about those that wield, control, and manipulate the elemental magics of the world.

Shelly was raised by her paternal Grandma, Georgette. Her life was filled with good food, stories, and lots of lessons about antiques, old plantations, and what proper etiquette was for young ladies. Georgette’s retirement was dedicated to Shelly. That love resonates with her every day, especially in her writing. When she was thirteen years old Georgette handed her a paperback book and told her to dream. From that moment on she has not stopped reading or dreaming of becoming a writer. 
After a long career in technology, real estate, and raising three children she decided it was time to pursue a dream. While Shelly had written technical documents during her career in technology she had no idea what it meant to be a fiction writer. With determination and the guiding hand of a veteran writer as her mentor, she slowly learned to craft a story. Finally, she realized her dream with her first publication of Magic’s Lovers in August 2016.
She saw the reviews for Magic’s Lovers, the emails, and private messages requesting that Shay & Pierce’s book become a series. She jumped into book two and wrote the second most requested story. Magic Denied was published in September 2017. Petra’s book is planned!
Living in Seattle, Washington area with her geeky husband of over twenty years and three teenagers, Shelly squeezes in writing when she can. The house includes four dogs, six cats, two birds, and whatever lizards her husband keeps in his basement lab. She spends most of her time researching, writing, and video conferencing with friends across the country.