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NEW RELEASE!!! ~ Win My Heart by Lauren Helms

For Bernadette Ross, there are two things she knows for sure, she loves being a kick-ass gamer girl and she’s been in love with her teammate’s older brother for years. Wade Roberts was forced to put her in the friend zone, but when his feelings can’t be ignored any longer, the only option is to keep their relationship a secret. Fans of nerdy romance, Carrie Aarons, and Kaylee Ryan will adore WIN MY HEART by Lauren Helms, a secret relationship, gamer girl romance.

Lauren Helms delivers a sweet and steamy romance that packs an emotional punch.” – Mary @ USA Today HEA on ONE MORE ROUND, Gamer Boy 2

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When it comes to gaming,

I’m a pro.

When it comes to my love life?

That’s a different story.

I’ve been crushing on my best friend’s older brother forever.

In return, he’s kept me in the friend zone for way too long.

Then things change between us.

And I get to see a whole new,

And incredibly sexy side to him.

But, he wants to keep things between us a secret.


I made a promise to my brother.

One I refused to break.

Until now.

I’ve ignored my feelings for the girl for way too long.

And the more time we spend together,

The harder I find myself falling.

There’s just one problem,

I can’t let anyone know that I’ve made her mine.

Can I win her heart before its game-over for us both?

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