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Review ~ More Than Love – Ruth Cardello

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What happens when a normally reserved billionaire tries to be a regular guy and discovers he has a wild side? Grant Barrington is a quiet hero who is about to flex his alpha billionaire muscle.

Viviana Sutton is living in Boston after being swindled by her ex-boyfriend. She’s done with relationships and isn’t looking for forever. Giving in to one naughty, incredibly hot romp with a financially challenged stranger actually makes her feel better until she takes a pregnancy test.

To help his family, he’ll need to be the man she makes him feel like he can be.

For the sake of her baby, she’ll give him a chance to prove what they had was more than sex—and he’s more than just a regular guy.

I’ll tell you right now that I am a pretty big Ruth Cardello fan. I love her writing style with just the right amount of sex and cheese, which I love. And Grant and Viviana together in More Than Words, were delightful.

If you’re not familiar with The Barrington family, I won’t give away spoilers but I will say that one of their siblings, a twin, died at birth and there’s a big ol’ mystery surrounding it. Grant, the staid, logical financial wizard is the perfect person to pursue the investigation further because he’s not as emotional as the rest of the family. Continue reading Review ~ More Than Love – Ruth Cardello