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Review ~ The Christmas Fountain – Kait Nolan

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Elementary school teacher Mary Alice Reed wanted a nice, stable guy to share her happily ever after. When she thought she’d found him, everyone tried to tell her that the guy she thought was her Mr. Right, was really Mr. Somebody Else’s. Living with a town’s worth of I-told-you-so isn’t easy, but she’s coping. And definitely taking a break from love in order to get past her last disaster to chair her favorite Christmas charity.

Trauma surgeon Chad Phillips gave up the intensity and long hours of a big city hospital to move to Wishful. He wants a home and family, a town with a slower pace, where he can actually build a life. Being one of Wishful’s most eligible bachelors has gotten him a lot of pie and casseroles, but it hasn’t helped him find that special someone to come home to.

When a friend’s accident lands Mary Alice in his ER, Chad finds himself more than intrigued. Part Martha Stewart, part Mary Poppins, and all Girl Next Door, she’s exactly what he’s been looking for. Volunteering for the Fountain of Hope charity seems like the perfect way to get to know his Christmas crush. But just as he seems to be overcoming Mary Alice’s once bitten, twice shy caution, that one tiny thing from his past, that he probably should have told her about, shows up for a Christmas season visit. Chad’s gonna have some explaining to do.

The Christmas Fountain by Kait Nolan is the perfect holiday story. It’s a full blown romance, complete with meet cute and a slow, sexy buildup. Only it all happens around the holidays. There are no cheesy Christmas themes or kitsch thrown in, just Mary Alice and Chad.

And I LOVED them together. Flirting in the ER over drunk friend was the perfect way for this serious couple to meet. And from that point their relationship progressed perfectly, with fun dates and plenty of sweet romance and a whole lotta steamy romance. There was a little bit of everything for everyone who loves a great small town romance.

I can’t say there was a part of this story I didn’t like. I cracked open my Kindle yesterday and finished it just a minutes before starting on this review. It was quick, fun and easy. But, I’m gonna have to call BS on Chad for one tiny little misunderstanding. Yeah, I know it’s a romance and there has to be drama and/or misunderstanding, I got it and love it. Hell, I write romance myself and I have a bit of a girl crush on Kait. But Chad…seriously? I think Mary Alice was totally within her rights to be pissed off because of ALL the things you hide or keep to yourself IT’S NOT THAT! Not when you know her history, so while it all worked out, I’m calling Dr. Phillips out on his behavior on that part.

Overall, I loved this story. It had just enough holiday for the season and I loved some of the secondary characters. Kait Nolan is one author who excels at pulling in different characters without overloading the story with too many people.

The Christmas Fountain was a fun holiday romance to get you in the spirit!