Review ~ When You Got A Good Thing – Kait Nolan

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She thought she could never go home again. Kennedy Reynolds has spent the past decade traveling the world as a free spirit. She never looks back at the past, the place, or the love she left behind—until her adopted mother’s unexpected death forces her home to Eden’s Ridge, Tennessee.

Deputy Xander Kincaid has never forgotten his first love. He’s spent ten long years waiting for the chance to make up for one bone-headed mistake that sent her running. Now that she’s finally home, he wants to give her so much more than just an apology.

Kennedy finds an unexpected ally in Xander, as she struggles to mend fences with her sisters and to care for the foster child her mother left behind. Falling back into his arms is beyond tempting, but accepting his support is dangerous. He can never know the truth about why she really left. Will Kennedy be able to bury the past and carve out her place in the Ridge, or will her secret destroy her second chance?


Kait Nolan is an author who has really grown on me over the past couple years. The first book I read because it was free, To Get Me To You kind of sucked me into her love of small town southern romances and I try to pick up one whenever I get a chance. So when I came across a new series, The Misfit Inn, how could I resist?

Throw in a second chance love, a hot cop and a town full of nosy but lovable meddlers and I was halfway in love with When You Got A Good Thing as I got started.

Kennedy and Xander were high school sweethearts with dreams of seeing the world together. Then one night she packed up and left town without him. For ten years. Of course there’s a lot more to the story than that but I’ll let you find out the nitty gritty details for yourself.

When Kennedy comes back from a decade of traveling she has a lot of mending to do and it’s an uphill battle but in true wanderer spirit, she digs right in and begins helping out where she can, snarky comments be damned. What I loved most about this story was Xander, aside from one small moment he was so kind and supportive. Considering what everyone thinks she did to him, it showed that he was worthy of all the love she’d saved for him and all the sacrifices she’d made on his behalf. He is the Pacey Witter of book boyfriends as far as I’m concerned.

This story had plenty of ups and downs, a pretty clear villain and a wonderful woman I wish we’d gotten to spend some time with before she died.

When You Got A Good Thing is a quick read but it’s by no means ‘fluff’. This is a well developed story with plenty of layers that include dealing with a fractured family, a long lost love and starting over in the only place that had ever been home. I really enjoyed this story and I’m looking forward to dive into the rest of The Misfit Inn…even Athena’s story.

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