REVIEW ~ Mr. Sinful (Heartfelt Book 1) by Serenity Woods

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Seven Sexy Sins. One Mr. Sinful.

Faith Hillman is in trouble. She’s writing an article on ways to spice up your love life for her popular blog, but she’s hit a major snag—she hasn’t experienced any of the Seven Sexy Sins on her list. Luckily, her brother’s best friend, Rusty Thorne, offers to help with her research.

Having had a crush on him since the age of twelve, Faith agrees, on the proviso that he signs a contract keeping their short-term relationship a secret. Her brother once decked him for kissing her on her eighteenth birthday, so Rusty’s happy to concur.

While they work their way through the wicked list, Rusty enjoys showing Faith all the sexual delights he can think of. But it’s only as the sins draw to a close that he understands that, where love is concerned, he’s the student and Faith’s the teacher.

He’s determined to keep to the terms of the contract, but when it comes to the crunch, will he be able to let her go?

Warning: Includes rebellious hero who enjoys inserting Tab A into Slots B, C, and even occasionally D. Also includes highly inappropriate use of a Mars Bar.

I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the falling for your brother’s best friend trope. It’s hard to screw up and when done well, like Serenity Woods has done in Mr. Sinful, well it is a damn pleasure to read.

Faith is a well-known sex and relationships blogger without a lot of experience in either area, but she has nationwide recognition and a great new idea. Seven sexy sins. When her brother’s best mate, Rusty, offers to play her Mr. Sinful for just seven sexy encounters, she accepts without much thought to the consequences. It involves everything you think it would—scorching sex scenes, the feels, aww moments and even some naughty business with a chocolate bar—and then some.

I loved that Faith was the brave one in this relationship. Sure, she was naïve but it was due to a lack of experience not because she was sheltered and she was easy to root for. Fighting her feelings proves to be an impossible task, but watching her straighten her spine and decide to lay it all out there was amazing.

Rusty though, well he was magnificent. So damn tortured and scarred that he couldn’t see how amazing he was, and more importantly, all the good things he deserved. He’s the kind of guy you’re proud to call your book boyfriend. Stubborn to the point of stupidity, good and loving. Oh and did I mention, hot?

My only real complaint was Faith’s brother, Dan. It’s a personal peeve of mine, overprotective family, and he was kind of over the top. I understand his rationale but still, Faith was a grown woman with a job and a home so I think it’s unreasonable for him to think he can have that much say over her love life. He redeemed himself, but I still feel like I owe him a smack upside the head.

Heartfelt Series
Mr. Seductive (Book  2)
Mr. Sensational (Book 3)


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