BOOK REVIEW!!! ~ His Ever After by Isabel North

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Jenny Finley is finally back on her feet, two years after her ex-husband left her as a single mom with a ruined credit score and no home.

She has a steady job, a fantastic daughter, and exciting plans to start her dream business as a landscape designer. Everything’s going great until the night her not-so-secret crush, Derek Tate, six feet plus of sweetness and oh-so-much sin, shows her he could rock her world…or bring it crashing down.

Derek is patient and persistent, and he makes it clear there’s no going back. Can Jenny resist his wicked smile…does she even want to?

Stuck between a hot mechanic and a hard place, should she take what Derek’s offering, or shut him down for good?

His Ever After is a standalone friends-to-lovers romantic comedy in the Love, Emerson series.


His Ever After is one of my favorite tropes, actually two of them. A friends to lovers and second chance romance between Jenny and Derek.

Jenny has a gambling dirtbag of an ex who did a real number on her, making her unwilling to trust any man or herself to choose that man. That got frustration really early on in the story and unfortunately it never really went away, especially because Derek is everything you want in a book boyfriend.

Derek runs a successful auto repair service and he is a real standup guy, the kind of guy who is big and hot and you’d totally set your bestie up with. And he has the patience of a monk, because you kind of have to when you’ve been secretly in love a woman like Jenny.

After realizing that Jenny was free and clear for him to pursue, Derek goes after her with the kind of passion we all hope to get some day. And the first time they got down and dirty it was so damn hot I’m pretty sure a few beads of sweat broke out along my hairline!

His Ever After was a good read, a damn good read actually and it pretty much hooked me from the beginning. Jenny took some time to warm up to and if I’m being honest I never really did warm up to her. I was happy she got her happy ending but only because Derek totally deserved it. I get it, she has baggage, but it was just too much. Taking one bad incident and running like hell from a man who is clearly not at all like her ex-husband just seemed silly after awhile. It grew frustrating and made me reconsider my impressions of Jenny as a strong and capable woman because really, she was just a giant ball of fear.

Luckily Derek was there to smooth her edges and take away from that frustration so that I could just enjoy the third installment in Isabel North’s Love, Emerson series.


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Book 5 ~ Maybe It’s Real


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