NEW RELEASE & REVIEW!!! ~ The Reinvention of Jinx Howell by Nancee Cain

Title: The Reinvention of Jinx Howell
Series: Pine Bluff #5
Author: Nancee Cain
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 22, 2019


Hiding behind her wigs and heavy makeup, Jinx Howell masks her insecurities—which even she doesn’t understand—with bravado, slashing through life with reckless abandon. Lonely, but unwilling to get close to anyone, she finds the ideal solution: a hook-up with the campus’s most notorious heartbreaker.
In similar fashion, Mark “Two-Time” MacGregor protects his heart and keeps himself unencumbered through a string of one-night stands. A chance meeting with the edgy Jinx in a dark alley seems like destiny. She claims to want sex with no ties, making her perfect. Like attracts like. But this girl with a switchblade has more hang-ups than he does, which is a hell of a lot.

When tragedy strikes, Mark’s hit-and-run lifestyle takes a backseat to his need to protect the broken girl whose secrets are unraveling. Along the way, both of them will find their truths unmasked. Can they forge a real relationship, or will they give up on their romance as jinxed?

When this ARC appeared on my kindle I have to admit, I sighed with trepidation. I wanted to review it but for me, new adult stories are hit or miss for me.

But this story sucked me right in from the beginning and sadly, I spent precious writing hours devouring the lives of Jinx and Mark. The Reinvention of Jinx Howell was a beautiful surprise. It was heartbreaking and funny, steamy and totally engaging.

This isn’t two perfect twentysomethings falling in love between finals, this is what my aunt would call a “grown folks’ story”. They both had real issues and the biggest of baggage but somehow the author managed to keep it all from going maudlin. I’m not ashamed to admit it that I cried at times as Jinx fought to become a better version of herself and that is a rare treat.

I jogged my memory to see if I’ve ever read Nancee Cain before, but it doesn’t matter. The Reinvention of Jinx Howell turned me into a fan if I wasn’t already.


During the day, Nancee works as a counselor/nurse in the field of addiction to support her coffee and reading habit. Nights are spent writing paranormal and contemporary romances with a serrated edge. Authors are her rock stars, and she’s been known to stalk a few for an autograph, but not in a scary, Stephen King way. Her husband swears her To-Be-Read list on her e-reader qualifies her as a certifiable book hoarder. Always looking to try something new, she dreams of being an extra in a Bollywood film, or a tattoo artist. (Her lack of rhythm and artistic ability may put a damper on both of these dreams.)



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