Book Review!!! ~ Crash Into Me by Alyne Hart

Title: Crash Into Me

Series: Crescent Bay #1

Author: Alyne Hart

Genre: Contemporary Romance

 Release Date: February 18, 2020


A sexy and emotional romance that transcends the ideas of life and death. Can you suspend disbelief?

For one entire and blissful night, I wasn’t Megan the widow. I was Megan out having a drink with her best friend. I was Megan, getting hit on by a hot, younger guy. I said no, but everything inside of me said yes.

I was still grieving and healing the loss of Sam. Getting my life back to some kind of normal. Until it got complicated. Very, very complicated. Because that hot young guy who wasn’t even supposed to be on my radar – he came crashing in with this weird electric pulse between us and chemistry that’s off the charts. If that wasn’t complicated enough – Liam is a student in my creative writing class with enough complications of his own.

The words in Liam’s poems remind me of Sam’s. He says things that are too familiar. Knows things about me no one else knows. It’s like seeing a ghost. I wasn’t supposed to fall for him, but my happily ever after is gone, and Liam’s arms feel like home.

But when everything starts to make sense, and the pieces come together in the end, am I in love with Liam? Or the memory of Sam?

*Crescent Bay Books are a series of stand alone romances set in the same coastal town*

This is the story of Megan and Liam. And Sam. Now that I’ve got your attention, here we go.

Megan is a widow but she’s not your average romance book widow who feels endless guilt about the prospect of moving on from her loved one. She had complicated emotions. Very complicated emotions. Super complicated emotions and they all feel justified and that made it easy to root for her. This is always an issue for me with heroines that are widows and I think this author did a great job of showing the real depth of the loss felt, which made Megan’s emotions understandable…even when I didn’t want to be understanding.

And Liam. Well Liam is yummy and young, which starts off as one of those non-problem problems that we’ve all done a time or two. I loved Liam, he was the Pacey of book boyfriends here. Kind and patient and sweet, but naughty and commanding when she needed it.

I loved the unique twist of this story, it felt supernatural but not quite. Just one of those bursts of magic that happens in humanity and it made Crash Into Me an even better story for that quirk.

The journey of Megan and Liam was everything it should be. It sweet and hot, maddening and sad at times. And there was a healthy doze of Grey’s Anatomy references thrown in to make me smile.

Crash Into Me was simply wonderful.


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