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Second Chance, Small Town Romance ~ Best Of My Love by N.D. Jackson

If you’re a fan of second chances and small towns, you’ll love the story of Dre & Erick, former high school sweethearts who’s big plans were derailed by an act of betrayal.

Dre moved on with her life, became a huge success and kept her heart closely guarded from hurt. Erick became a single dad in the small town where they grew up and fell in love, keeping his heart reserved for his little girl.

An emergency brings Dre back home to Emerald Creek where she is forced to face the ghosts of her past, both familial and romantic.

Join Dre & Erick for Best Of My Love

My name is Andrea Larson but everyone calls me Dre.
After college I was supposed to return to my hometown of Emerald Creek and set up an online travel business with my high school sweetheart.
Then he knocked up someone else and those plans went to sh*t.
I moved on, sold my website for a ton of money and moved to California.
My life, my business is a success by any measure of the word.
Then I got the call. My best friend needed me.
In Emerald Creek.
I haven’t seen Erick in a decade, maybe more.
Now we’re in the same town where we fell in love and avoiding him isn’t possible.

My name is Erick but everyone knows me by my restaurant name, Maverick
Divorce and a single dad, I don’t date much.
My life is my baby girl and Maverick’s.
And then Dre comes back to town.
Summer in Emerald Creek would be the perfect chance to make her love me again.

If I can get her to talk to me.

**sale ends December 31st**


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US: http://amzn.to/2eERVP9
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Romance Book Review!! ~ Untying the Knot by Meghan Quinn


Ryot Bisley is my husband.

Yes, the former third baseman for the Chicago Bobbies and absolute heart throb of the Windy City. That Ryot Bisley.

The first time I ran into him, he was grumpy, a horrific host, and left me on his sofa with nothing but a nylon baseball flag to use as a blanket.

The second time, he reluctantly bought me dinner, stared at my chest the entire night, and still sported that permanent frown.

The third time . . . well, that was a game changer. His smile captured me, his teasing charmed me, and his touches excited me.

So when he was called up to the majors that didn’t stop us from knocking it out of the park and all the way down the aisle.

Eleven years later…I’d love to say we’re happy as ever but the man who sent me dirty text messages every day is long gone and Mr. Frowny Face is back.

He’s so focused on trying to build a life after baseball that he doesn’t see the life we’ve already created together. . .so I make the hard decision and serve him divorce papers.

Problem is…my husband refuses to accept those papers. Instead, he has a new game plan that makes untying the knot of our marriage a little tricky. And just when I thought I wanted to be traded . . . he’s slowly, tantalizingly roping me back in.

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Welcome Back to Mustang Prairie! ~ Cover Reveal & Pre-Order!

I am super excited to announce that (finally!) Mustang Prairie Book 5, Let It Be Love is done! This is the story of Mustang Prairie Mayor Eric and world famous pop star, Kiki Ramirez!

Here is the beautiful cover and book description!

Falling in love with a pop starlet has its drawbacks
Lack of privacy, for one
Gossip, for another
But falling in love with Kiki Ramirez was the best thing I’ve ever done
And the stupidest
One story planted by her agent and now I look like a fool
Played by the starlet
Looking like a simp for the world to see
But none of its true and I can’t defend my woman how I want
The urge to fight for her, to defend her is too strong
Even against the Hollywood machine working hard to keep us apart

Falling in love with a civilian wasn’t part of the plan
I didn’t believe in love
Not for me and not for my life
But a small town mayor was the man who’d torn down my walls
Snuck past my defenses
And now with our future hanging in the balance its up to me to find a way to make it all work
A crazy agent
A ravenous paparazzi
And a pregnant belly I’m powerless to hide
I want Eric and the life I see for us
But how can I invite this madness into his quiet, small town life?

LET IT BE LOVE IS LIVE 7.12.2022!!!

Pre-Order Links:

US: https://amzn.to/3tlDt5k
DE: https://amzn.to/3zmNOla
UK: mybook.to/letitbeloveUK
CA: mybook.to/LetItBeLoveCA
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/let-it-be-love-2


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COVER REVEAL!!! ~ Win My Heart by Lauren Helms

Join us for the cover reveal of Win My Heart by Lauren Helms. Fans who love Nerdy Romances will sink their teeth into this steamy, secret relationship, best friend’s sibling, game girl romance. Keep scrolling for more details about this sexy cover. 

Title: Win My Heart 
Author: Lauren Helms
Release Date: 7/7/2022
Genres:  Contemporary Romance
Trope: Secret Relationship Romance, Best Friend’s Sibling, Nerdy Romance


When it comes to gaming,
I’m a pro.
When it comes to my love life?
That’s a different story.
I’ve been crushing on my best friend’s older brother forever.
In return, he’s kept me in the friend zone for way too long.
Then things change between us.
And I get to see a whole new,
And incredibly sexy side to him.
But, he wants to keep things between us a secret.


I made a promise to my brother.
One I refused to break.
Until now.
I’ve ignored my feelings for the girl for way too long.
And the more time we spend together,
The harder I find myself falling.
There’s just one problem,
I can’t let anyone know that I’ve made her mine.
Can I win her heart before its game-over for us both?

Win My Heart by Lauren Helms cover reveal

Pre-Order on Amazon
Amazon https://amzn.to/3xRfyMF

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About Lauren Helms

Lauren Helms is a romance author her nerdy and flirty contemporary words. Lauren has forever been an avid reader from the beginning. After starting a book review website, that catapulted her fully into the book world, she knew that something was missing. While working for a video game strategy guide publisher, she decided to mix what she knew best–video games and romance. She decided to take the plunge and write her first novel, Level Me Up. Several published novels later, Lauren created PR company, Indie Pen PR, to help other authors promote their books.

Lauren lives in Indianapolis, Indiana sharing her love of books and video games with her own Gamer Boy husband and three young kid nerds who will hopefully grow up to share the love of things that united Lauren and her husband on their own happily ever after.

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New Release & Book Review!! ~ Wrapped Up with a Ranger by Kait Nolan


Can a grumpy former Ranger find lasting happiness in a marriage of convenience with a sunny single mom?

After losing his leg, former Army Ranger Holt Steele is building a new life and a new business with his friends. Sure, he never expected to put small-town baker on his resume, but he finds he likes the quiet, simple life. If only he didn’t like the sunny single mom who works across the street–or her adorable kid–quite so much.

After escaping a controlling husband, event planner Cayla Black has one focus–growing her business and maintaining a safe, happy home for her daughter. She has no time or interest in a man. Not even one who charms her child with Disney songs and keeps turning up like a mind-reader to help without being asked.

But when her ex’s conviction is overturned on a technicality, and he shows up intending to reclaim his wife and child, Holt intervenes with an outrageous lie. The only way to fix it is to make his falsehood the truth. As they struggle to convince everyone that their marriage of protection is real, these two reluctant hearts fall deeper, until the lines between the fiction and the dream begin to blur, and they have to risk it all to protect the family they didn’t know they wanted.

Kait Nolan Bad Boy Bakers book 2

Cayla and Holt…where do I begin? He’s hot and noble and she is a fierce single mother. Together they are hotter than sin and so adorable that I can’t even.

What I loved most was Holt. Period. He was attracted to Cayla and there was no doubt about it, but he kept his distance because he believed she deserved better…as if there’s something better than a hot former servicemember who jumps in to be the hero with no questions asked. I mean, seriously. He did what needed doing which we all know is super hot in a man, and he didn’t pressure her for the benefits of marriage.

If I wasn’t already married I would’ve taken Holt for myself!

He’s great with her kid, relieves some of her stress and burdens and then rocks her world? Um, yeah, where do I sign up?

The sexual tension was off the charts and it definitely satisfied and I’m very glad that the whole ex-husband thing didn’t take over the story. I thoroughly enjoyed Wrapped Up with a Ranger, the second book in the Bad Boy Bakers series.

Kait…keep it up honey!

Get your copy today!

Amazon ~ https://amzn.to/3NW9BV8

Kait Nolan ~ https://kaitnolan.com/wrapped-up-with-a-ranger/

HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!! ~ Into the Sunset by S.L. Sterling

Title: Into the Sunset
Author: S.L. Sterling
Genre: Second Chance Romance
Release Date: May 10, 2022
Cover Design: Thunderstruck Cover Design

I know why I lost her. I was too serious, I was too practical. I was too busy thinking I knew what she wanted without asking her.
Over time, this wore on her. All she wanted was to be heard. She wanted someone to support her big exciting ideas, I was supposed to do that, but I shut them down. No wonder she handed me my ring back and left town. No wonder she married someone else, leaving me with memories of sunsets at the beach and the future I had planned for us.
I went on and built my life without her. My father and I opened the second division of Sunset Builders in Las Vegas, and to my surprise, I stayed busy, almost busy enough not to notice the loneliness. That was until one day I was called to do a quick bathroom and kitchen remodel for a woman who lived on Las Vegas Boulevard. I shouldn’t of gone, I should have sent one of my men because when I arrived, and the door opened, every memory I’d had of Jessica came flooding back.
If I’d learned anything in her absence it was that anything worth doing was worth being done well, and anything worth having was worth fighting for. I just hoped she’d give me a second chance.

Ben had always been right to keep me grounded. I should’ve listened because the falls didn’t hurt as bad that way.
I wanted a bigger life, in a bigger brighter place. I never appreciated the beauty of living in a small town with a huge support system. Instead, I left town without so much as a goodbye, chasing a silly dream.
I married the man who promised me the sun, moon, and the stars, but delivered blinding blows. I spent years hiding in the dark so that no one would see my bruised face. Most days, I thought I’d die before I escaped the nightmare. I dreamed of running, it was my only way out. Then I got news my grandfather had passed. He left me money and a gorgeous condo in Vegas. I had a plan. I would upgrade the condo, sell it, and fade away into the sunset, all while my husband was gone on a business trip.
Little did I know that Ben would show up on my doorstep. He swore we could make our dreams real, but this time I was the grounded one. I could only see how we would never work. I’d made too many mistakes and love was terrifying.

“Hey, just me,” Julie yelled. “Did you forget? You were supposed to meet me tonight at The Dive Bar?”

Instantly I remembered and I closed my eyes, “Fuck! Sorry, Jules. I got a little sidetracked,” I said, forcing myself up off the couch and heading to the kitchen to meet my sister.

“It’s fine. I brought pizza and wings to you instead. I figured you got caught up in something, but it would have been nice for you to call me or something. Instead, I sat there waiting for you for an hour, looking like an idiot.”

It had totally slipped my mind that my sister and I had dinner plans. I walked over to the counter and flipped open the pizza box, grabbing a slice while my sister grabbed plates from the cupboard. Her eyes fell to the stack of dirty dishes that lined the counters, and then she turned and looked me over, watching as a piece of pepperoni fell onto my chest, which I grabbed and shoved in my mouth.

“Jesus, you look like shit! Here, have a plate.” She giggled and thrust the plate out to me. “You probably should clean this place up, you know. It’s a sty. Honestly, for a guy who is looking for a girlfriend, you’d think you’d keep your place clean.”

“Thanks! Always loved your compliments. Since when did you become my keeper anyway?”

Jules completely ignored me while I loaded my plate with pizza and wings. While she loaded hers, I grabbed two beers from the fridge, pulled the chair out, and sat down at the table. I twisted off the two caps and handed her a bottle.

“So what happened?” she asked, taking the beer from my hand.

“Apparently, I’m a shitty-looking guy who lives in a sty. What do you mean, what happened?”

“You stood me up, for starters, but in all seriousness, you look like you’ve been put through the mill. I know your day wasn’t that tough, since I’m the one who scheduled it, so what gives?”

The last thing I wanted to do was talk about Jess, but I knew it was inevitable with my sister. She would poke, prod, and pry until I had spilled everything! The fact that she hadn’t asked me more than she already had surprised me, especially since she knew I had gone to Jess’s earlier.

“Something happen between you and Jess?”

There it was, like always. I threw my slice of pizza down on the plate and brought the beer bottle up to my lips. “Guess you could say that.” I guzzled down half the bottle and looked at my sister.

“Care to elaborate or are you going to make love to that beer bottle all night?” she asked while picking a piece of pepperoni off her pizza and shoving it into her mouth.

S.L. Sterling was born and raised in southern Ontario. She now lives in Northern Ontario Canada and is married to her best friend and soul mate and their two dogs. 
An avid reader all her life, S.L. Sterling dreamt of becoming an author. She decided to give writing a try after one of her favorite authors launched a course on how to write your novel. This course gave her the push she needed to put pen to paper and her debut novel “It Was Always You” was born. 
When S.L. Sterling isn’t writing or plotting her next novel she can be found curled up with a cup of coffee, blanket and the newest romance novel from one of her favorite authors on her e-reader. Her favorite authors include Kendall Ryan, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Lauren Blakely, Alessandra Torre and Willow Winters. 
In her spare time, she enjoys camping, hiking, sunny destinations, spending quality time with family and friends and of course reading.


Book Review !!! ~ The Accidental Pregnancy Situation (Situation Sports Rom Com Book 1) by London Casey



A knock at my door reveals a very pregnant woman.

Good news: I’m not the father of her baby.

Bad news: I am the father of the baby her sister is carrying.

I’m the bad boy, rock star, playboy ice hockey star.

I collect paychecks and shell out broken hearts.

Now I’m collecting the storm of pregnancy hormones and shelling out foot rubs.

How am I supposed to go from the hottest bachelor in the world… to being called ‘Dad’?


Thanks to fate – and a potential bear attack – I end up pregnant by an ice hockey player.

But what am I supposed to do?

Just show up and knock on the rich star athlete’s luxury apartment door, then caress my pregnant belly?

Well, that’s exactly what I should do.

Only my sister decides to get involved.

Next thing I know I’m spending more time with Abel than I ever dreamed of.

There’s no way a guy like him would really want me. Something has to go wrong here.

Then one day I see a text message not meant for me and it all suddenly makes sense.

But at least I know what Abel’s end game is now.

The Accidental Pregnancy Situation – London Casey

I enjoyed this story more than I realized until I started to write this review. Abel and Wren were fun and cute, and Abel was the right kind of cocky. He knew who he was and what his strengths were–good and bad–which made him easy to like.
Wren was just as likable except when her pregnancy hormones kicked in and she became a little bit…whoa. The one character I didn’t really like at all was Wren’s sister, Wendy. She just seemed mean and bitter but covered it as just caring or whatever. Could have done without her.
My favorite part of this story was the hockey team. The guys were funny and silly and had each other’s backs. They made this story for me more than the romance aspect. Not that the romance aspect was bad but it felt more like lust than love to me. But I loved Remi too much not to give the next book a shot…

The Accidental Pregnancy Situation by London Casey is AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3JU7vmh
UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09NMCZMSQ/
CA https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B09NMCZMSQ/
AU https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09NMCZMSQ/

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Enjoy The Holiday Season in Mustang Prairie!

Looking for some reads to keep you warm when the temperature drops? Visit the small town of Mustang Prairie to get you small town romance fix for the holidays!

Conflict of Interest

Shellie Winthrop is happy with her life in Mustang Prairie. She has her best friend Alex, her consulting business helping town businesses succeed, Merlot Mondays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and…you get it) plus a town full of people she’s known and loved most of her life. When super sexy Noel Hampton moves to town he shows her how much happier she could be.

Noel Hampton is not happy about moving from NYC to the speck of a town called Mustang Prairie. But if he wants to make VP of KitchenMart he’ll go and he will make it work. When he encounters a petite spitfire hellbent on standing in his way, Noel finds there is more to life than career advancement.

A Little Bit in Love

After losing her birth parents and her adopted parents Alex is used to being alone. So after a year of bad dates with everyone from sugar babies to cross dressers, she decides to stop dating altogether and focus on what matters most: her business and her friends in Mustang Prairie.

When she meets a handsome stranger on vacation she starts to wonder if maybe its time to get back in the game.

Baxter spent the last decade building his empire to the exclusion of everything but sex. Now tired of the socialites and starlets, he wants someone real. When he finds her, Alex only wants a vacation fling and it’s up to Baxter to show her that lust is great, but love is everything.

Is it lust, is it like or are Baxter and Alex just a little bit in love?

Feels Like Love

I just wanted to belong…
Sadie had never belonged anywhere other than on stage. A soulful singer and musician, she left home at a young age and never looked back. No one missed her anyhow. Traveling the country with one no good boyfriend or another for work, Sadie settled in New Orleans until another d-bag boyfriend decided she wasn’t enough…and the slutty new bartender was.
She left for Mustang Prairie and the open arms of her half-sister Amelia…or so she thought

I just wanted to protect her…
Dylan Parker retired at the ripe old age of 34. After catching a serial killer who’d tortured Chicago for a decade, he was ready to turn in his homicide detective’s shield.
Needing distance from his high society parents and their social climbing friends he packed up his truck and bought a bar in Mustang Prairie. Getting reacquainted with small town life would be an adjustment…until he met a copper haired amazon with a voice like warm honey.
Sadie was everything he wanted; a friend, a devil’s advocate, a sister, and a confidante. Theirs was a deeply satisfying friendship so Sadie and Dylan fought their mutual attraction.

Can Sadie & Dylan admit that their friendship feels more like love?

It Must Be Love

Trixie is a Mustang Prairie girl, born and raised. At least until her parents up and moved her to a commune in Oregon and far away from the love of her young life. Jack Thorpe.

But grownup Trixie is back in Mustang Prairie and ready for the next chapter in her life, which includes her lingerie store Under the Skirt and starting her own line of sexy lacy things. When her past collides with her present in the form of a tall, blonde artist, Trixie has to wonder if her girlish crush could be the answer to her grownup dreams?

Jack married his high school sweetheart, only it didn’t turn out so sweet and he never got to tell her it was over. Now he has to smile and pretend while the world goes on and on about how great Marissa was, especially now that he’d brought his girls back to Mustang Prairie for good.

The one bright spot in town was the new and improved girl next door. Little Trixie wasn’t so little and Jack was more than a little interested. Too bad he wasn’t interested in another round of the rollercoaster known as love and commitment.

Too bad he can’t stay away.


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Fall in love with Athena, Tru & Chicago in Bared.

The city of Chicago, my home town, is just as prominent a character in this story as Tru, Athena, Indigo and Gwyn. The city is vibrant and alive, meaning so much to our hero and heroine, in different ways. Some might say it’s a love letter to the city where I grew up and learned to love what it means to live in or near a city like Chicago.

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, I hope that when you do, you fall in love with all the characters.

My parents sent me away without a goodbye
They were good enough to release my big ass trust fund early to ease their guilt
I fled to the streets of Chicago, specifically Green Street
It was a place that changed my life forever
I met my family, Charlie & Indigo & Gwyn
My girls
The only place where I ever really belonged
Together we found our way, made lives for ourselves, forgot about the past
Together, we thrived

When we lost Charlie she made me promise that I would learn to trust again
Live again
Love again
I couldn’t lie to my dying best friend so I agreed, thinking I’d never have to do it
But Gwyn & Indigo didn’t forget
They made me live up to my word and that’s where Tru came in
He was tall, dark and gorgeous
And totally unexpected in every way
He made me do something I never thought I would do again,

Now I have to try not to f*ck it up before I lose him forever


Universal: mybook.to/BaredGreenStreet
US: https://amzn.to/3jOisfv
UK: https://amzn.to/3hkPyCj
DE: https://amzn.to/3jQgN99
JP: https://amzn.to/3hBsAWi
FR: https://amzn.to/3jPl1Oo


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“I’m dying, Athena. There’s no getting around it now.” Charlie looked so frail lying in the private room, a stark contrast to how she was in life. Vibrant and tough, brash and ballsy. Even her voice had lost the steel that always ran through it.

“All this money we have and it’s not enough, what are the fuckin’ odds?” She huffed out an ironic laugh in typical Charlie fashion.

All of us, me and Charlie and Gwyn and Indigo made a fuck-ton of money to insulate ourselves from the type of shit that brought us together in the first place. And like Charlie said, even that money couldn’t save her now.

And it couldn’t save us from losing her. I couldn’t take this bit of info. Any news but this.

“It’s too soon, Charlie. I can’t say goodbye. Don’t ask me to.”

She coughed, her voice low and raspy. “I don’t have to ask you to do anything, death is inevitable, and it’s coming soon. Face it, Athena.”

“No, I won’t.” Charlie and the girls were the only family I had, and I was terrified that losing her might mean losing a piece of myself.

“You will, dammit.” The hard expression on her face was the only evidence she was as scared as we were. She patted the empty spot beside her. Her expression and voice softened. “Now come sit. Hold my hand.”

The show of vulnerability unraveled the last thread of my composure. Tough as balls Charlie needed her hand held. Holy shit, my best friend was dying. “Charlie, I won’t make it without you.”

Her smile was weak, her blond hair mostly gone, her big brown eyes still shining, at least a little. “You will. You have to because it’s my dying wish.”

I sucked in a breath and narrowed my gaze. When it was the sister of your heart talking about her death and your eyes were filled with tears that refused to fall, you had to listen. “That’s low, even for you Charlie.”

She laughed, the loud crowing laugh that always drew stares and rude comments, but none of it ever bothered her. “I’m completely fine with that. I want you to get out there and start living your life again. Learn to trust someone who isn’t me, Gwyn and Indigo.”

I didn’t need anyone but my girls. My sisters. They were the only family that counted.

“I trust people.” Kind of.

“Name two,” she insisted. Even on her death bed she was a stubborn bitch.

“I trust my staff to do what I expect and that’s hundreds of people, probably thousands.” Very few had let me down, which was why I expanded my business regularly opening more nightclubs all over the world. “I trust my doctors too,” I told her, arms crossed petulantly over my chest.

“I’m going to—”

Another coughing fit cut off Charlie’s words. They seemed to come more often lately, proof the cancer had spread from her lungs to the rest of her petite frame. A few sips of water cleared up the poison inside her enough to let her talk, so I filled a glass and handed it to her.

“Thanks. Now, as I was saying. I’m going to do something totally unfair right now but it’s only because I love you, Athena. You can hate me when I’m gone and commiserate with Indigo and Gwyn about what an evil bitch I am, but I’m still doing it.” She reached for my hand and held it as tight as she could, fingers ice cold like Lake Michigan in late December, skin thin and papery. I gave her a gentle squeeze, terrified I might break her frail bones. “You’re my sister, the closest thing to family I will ever have. And-” she leaned back, sucking in a few deep, labored breaths, smiling through the pain, “-you have to do this, because I’m dying.”

I rolled my eyes at her, determined to be bossy to the very end. I hated all of this, but I hated that she was leaving more than anything, which meant I would do what she asked. Because she asked. How could I not? It was Charlie. “What is it,” I asked, my sigh heavy and my tone full on annoyed.

Charlie flashed a triumphant grin. “Simple. Live. Forget about your parents and that stuck-up town you came from. Live your life. You’re smart, rich as hell, and beautiful. Do something other than grow your fortune. Go out there and do all the things  I can’t. Fall in love, get your heart broken, do something stupid, eat something outrageous. Live all the life that I will never get to.”

Her smile was small, like it took too much for her to perform that one simple act, but the defiant, unapologetic tone reminded me this was still my best friend.


Damn, what a low blow. She was right, it wasn’t fair to ask. “I live plenty. I’ve visited eight different cities this year, gone SCUBA diving and BASE jumping.” Just because I preferred my fun more controlled these days, didn’t mean I wasn’t living my life. I just did it on my terms.

“You do a lot of shit, Athena, that’s for sure. But you do it to avoid living and I’m not even sure you enjoy it.” She gripped my shoulder, forcing my gaze to hers.

I didn’t want to see the truth in her eyes. I was losing her and we both knew it.

“Just because some jackass tried to emotionally blackmail you and failed, doesn’t mean you have to be alone forever. Doesn’t mean that you can’t take risks anymore. You deserve to be happy. To love. To be loved. You deserve it, Athena Montgomery. You do.”

I let out a bitter laugh and shook my head. “You’re losing your edge if that’s the story you remember. I seem to recall my high school boyfriend threatened to kill himself if I didn’t get back together with him. I decided, screw that, I’m not going to let him emotionally blackmail me. Try another sucker. Only the joke was on me.” Trevor did kill himself and the whole town, my parents included, blamed me. Hell, I blamed me. I was an arrogant seventeen-year-old who thought I knew better and paid a cost nearly as steep as Trevor had.

Charlie, true to form, shrugged. “My way sounds better and anyway, his problems were his, just like your parents’ embarrassment and their actions afterwards, are on them. Fuck. Them. All. They have to live with their actions, not you Athena.”

She wheezed and I pushed the oxygen mask over her mouth and nose. All the signs of how sick she really was had been there and I just chose to willfully ignore them, assuming, or maybe I fooled myself into thinking she would get better. That some miracle cure would come out of nowhere when I didn’t even believe in miracles. She shoved the mask away. “Go. Live your life Athena. Live my life. If you don’t, my skinny, bald ass will haunt you forever.”

I laughed even though I didn’t want to. I laughed even though tears burned my cheeks. I laughed even as the cold hard reality settled deep in my heart. “That’s fine. I think I’m gonna have to insist that you haunt me because I’m not sure how I’m going to survive without you.”

Charlie, along with Gwyn and Indigo have been my family since I found myself seventeen and kicked out of my home, my town, and my family. All on the same day. I stopped at the first apartment building I found when the bus stopped in Chicago, Green St. Apartments, and put down six months’ rent. The next day I met Charlie and Gwyn.

“You will because you have to. Because you are the toughest, baddest bitch I have ever met. We are Green Street girls, tough and resilient with just the right amount of crazy to make life interesting. When you’re off, living your life, just think of me once in a while.”

“Like I could forget you, Char. Once you’ve puked up Apple Puckers together, you’re bonded for life and beyond.” I buried my head in her lap, feeling the frail legs she hadn’t used in far too long. I did something I haven’t since they ran me out of my hometown.

I cried.

I cried until my chest heaved, until I couldn’t breathe, until I was all out of tears. “I’ll do it, Charlie. I’ll live for both of us.” It was a promise I would do my damnedest to keep.

“I know you will. Love you, Athena.”

“Love you too, Charlie.”

Machines beeped and clicked, the gray skies outside were as ominous and foreboding as what was to come. The lights inside were yellow and gave us all Charlie’s sick pallor. Each of us tried to ignore what was coming, eating Lou Malnati’s cross-legged on her bed because Charlie said the greasy deep dish was the last smell she wanted to remember. None of us left the hospital for too long and it was like the old days, all of us crammed into one shoebox apartment talking late into the night.

Indigo, Gwyn, and I spent the last nineteen days of Charlie’s life in that hospital room, reliving the best and worst of the Green Street Girls.

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