Romance Book Review!! ~ Untying the Knot by Meghan Quinn


Ryot Bisley is my husband.

Yes, the former third baseman for the Chicago Bobbies and absolute heart throb of the Windy City. That Ryot Bisley.

The first time I ran into him, he was grumpy, a horrific host, and left me on his sofa with nothing but a nylon baseball flag to use as a blanket.

The second time, he reluctantly bought me dinner, stared at my chest the entire night, and still sported that permanent frown.

The third time . . . well, that was a game changer. His smile captured me, his teasing charmed me, and his touches excited me.

So when he was called up to the majors that didn’t stop us from knocking it out of the park and all the way down the aisle.

Eleven years later…I’d love to say we’re happy as ever but the man who sent me dirty text messages every day is long gone and Mr. Frowny Face is back.

He’s so focused on trying to build a life after baseball that he doesn’t see the life we’ve already created together. . .so I make the hard decision and serve him divorce papers.

Problem is…my husband refuses to accept those papers. Instead, he has a new game plan that makes untying the knot of our marriage a little tricky. And just when I thought I wanted to be traded . . . he’s slowly, tantalizingly roping me back in.

This was one of the best stories I have read in a really long time. Myla and Ryot were just a wonderful couple. On their own they were fun and witty, dirty mouthed and odd as hell. They kept me smiling throughout the story and there were poignant moments that brought tears to my eyes. It was a total roller coaster ride that I was sad to see end.

The blurb tells you everything you need to know about the book so I’ll tell you what I loved. The deep friendship between brothers Ryot and Banner, not to mention Nichole and Myla. These are the kind of friendships that weather it all, the ups and the downs and we are privileged enough to experience both throughout this story. Multiple times.

There was just enough backstory to understand where the characters were coming from so their behaviors and actions weren’t completely out of the blue, which made this complicated second chance romance a bit more realistic. Myla had good reasons for doing what she did, but she was also leaning on bad habits to do it. Ryot was no innocent victim either, which made everything they went through, everything they did to each other an equal combination of frustrating and fun and entertaining as hell to read.

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun with a book as I did with Untying the Knot. Thank you, Meghan Quinn! This story was a delight from beginning to end.


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