Book Review ~ No Going Back by T.R. Ragan


Some call it murder. Others, karma. The female vigilantes dubbed The Black Wigs call it justice. The victims? Sexual predators who never paid for their sins. For three months, The Black Wigs byline has belonged to Sawyer Brooks, a crime reporter still struggling with her own demons. But for Sawyer, there’s suddenly more to the story than just catching the dark web avengers.

Copycat vigilantes are cornering the unchecked abusers of Sacramento and uploading the men’s abject fear to social media. The trending insanity isn’t making Sawyer’s job any easier. Neither is a new murder—another predator, but one who doesn’t fit so neatly into The Black Wigs’ agenda. Something even more sinister is at play.

As she follows every lead, someone with the answer is following her, determined to bring Sawyer to her knees. Because soon enough, for both Sawyer and a killer, the truth she’s been looking for will be a punishing revelation.


This story is about a crime reporter investigating a group of vigilantes called The Black Wigs, which gave birth to similar groups across the country was a thoroughly satisfying read. This, the final story in the series, was a nice way to wrap it all up.

Sawyer is intrepid and a little bit silly, going out there and chasing after potential killers, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it or her. This was no cozy romance, not by a long shot, but a serious story and her perseverance made this story. The relationship with her sisters evolved in a satisfying manner and I was happy with the way the story played out. Even though the story is only “kind of” about the sisters, their past and their relationships with each other, you can tell that it’s what fueled Sawyer’s determination. It made her a likable character and made the ending of this series a little bittersweet.

I really loved the way the story took on both sides of vigilante justice and the way it was illustrated and that made this book feel as if it unfolded in real time. As a certified true crime junkie, this story and the series as a whole appealed to me on a whole new level.

T. R. Ragan is a new author to me, with this being my first series, but I am definitely a fan and would recommend this author to anyone who enjoys this genre.

Interested in reading this book? Get the link here!


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