New Romance Book Review!! ~ Accidentally Famous by Marissa Clarke


Jack Winston may be Hollywood’s biggest action hero, but he’s seriously burned out. He can’t even save himself from his PR team’s latest scheme: dating a starlet. But when his assistant accidentally tags Cassidy James from Blink, Maine (wherever that is) on social media, the paparazzi decide that she’s Jack’s latest fling. Now Jack needs to do some serious damage control…starting with the adorable home reno pro in paint-splattered overalls.

Cassidy is not prepared when the Jack Winston shows up in her quiet little town—and whew, he is that gorgeous in person. Before she can pick her jaw up off the floor, his PR team is bombarding them with a whole new plan involving “fake girlfriend,” “optics,” and “sign this NDA” (whatever that is). But no one warned her that Mr. A-List Action Star is hot, funny as all get out, and loves old houses as much as she does.

Now they have two weeks to convince everyone they’re in a fake relationship—two weeks that will drive Cassidy’s reno business through the roof and help Jack reclaim his “spark.” The plan is going fine, dare she say, perfectly…until she discovers something that will change everything.

Each book in the Hideaway Harbor series is STANDALONE:
* Accidentally Perfect
* Accidentally Famous

Jack and Cassidy are an absolute delight, as is the town of Blink, Maine. The fun begins when mega movie star Jack Winston accidentally tags small town contractor Cassidy on social media. Now the whole world is obsessed with her and he needs to make it right.

The moment Jack sets foot in Blink, the fireworks begin. Cassidy, though attracted to him instantly, is annoyed by him and his charm and the whole celebrity schtick. Jack, though? Absolutely smitten.

This wasn’t an insta-love story but the attraction and curiosity is there from the start. She is everything he didn’t know he wanted in a girl—the same goes for Blink—and Jack lets Cassidy be herself which is endlessly appealing for an oddball like sweet Cassidy.

I enjoyed pretty much everything about Accidentally Famous. It was a fun cast of characters including Marion the Megalodon and the meddling Roger, and Jack’s super serious bodyguard Flex. The chemistry between Jack and Cassidy was off the charts and they just seemed to genuinely enjoy being around one another which make Accidentally Famous a true joy to read.


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