Romance Book Review!! ~ The Bride Next Door (Chapel of Love Book 4) by Hope Ramsay


Courtney Wallace loves her job as a wedding planner, but she’s almost given up on her own happily-ever-after. She certainly doesn’t it expect to find it with Matthew Lyndon, the hotshot lawyer she overhears taking a bet to seduce her. She’s not amused by the challenge, but she decides to play along–after all, what better way to beat him at his own game?

Matt never intended to take the bet seriously. And moving next door wasn’t part of his strategy to win-it was just a happy coincidence-but the more he gets to know Courtney, the more intrigued he becomes. When fun and games turn into something real, will these two decide they’re in it to win it?

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This was a really fun small town romance featuring a sassy and cynical heroine and a playboy-ish middle child who each have the other ALL wrong. Courtney has placed Matt squarely in the column of the love’em and leave’em type and Matt has earned it. And then some.

But after learning that he bet he could bed the Ice Queen, she decides to give him a taste of his own medicine and that’s where the fun really begins. Though she only really makes them a little tough for him and not for very long, I was happy about that because the attraction and the chemistry was too palpable to keep up the game for too long.

Matt has his own history and it’s not what you’d expect from a player like him. He has a family he doesn’t fit in with and a father he can never make proud, but still he tries and it’s no different with Courtney. She’s smart and funny and lives to torture him, but he doesn’t give up.


This was pretty much a perfect small town romance. There was plenty of heat, but not too much, lots of laughs and a fun cast of supporting characters, including two adorable kittens. There were a few parts in the middle that meandered a little but I devoured The Bride Next Door in just a day or two.

It’s been a while since I’ve read Hope Ramsay but she delivered. Again.

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