Book Review!!! ~ It’s Me You’re Looking For by Elise Kenny


After escaping a horrible ex, Monica Roche is looking for a fresh start but so far, she feels invisible to people like her inarticulate and miserable co-worker, Samson Okiro. When Monica begins a month of challenges to shake things up, the first challenge is Do something unexpected. Monica decides to answer the 36 questions test with a stranger via email.

When Samson Okiro receives an anonymous email asking if he has a single friend to answer 36 questions, Samson’s first impulse is to delete it. Though, since his life has reached a bit of a standstill, on an uncharacteristic whim, he decides to write back.

With neither knowing who’s on the other end of the emails, they can be new people. Yet as the emails fly, Samson and Monica begin talking in real life, but only time will tell if their email aliases can ever match up to what’s standing in front of them, or if neither of them will be able to take a chance on love again.

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It’s Me You’re Looking For is an interesting romance that reminds me a lot of You’ve Got Mail in the best possible way. When I began reading the first couple of chapters, neither Monica or Samson were all that likable for different reasons but through the emails between them we learn a lot about each of them which helps us understand why they are the way they are.

And the flirting between June & Johnny throughout the emails was such a nostalgic feel that I found myself smiling throughout the story. It was a nice parallel to see them interact through the emails and in person and I found this story thoroughly enjoyable.

If I had any criticism it would be that the story felt a tad too long but I read every page and I’m glad I did.


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