Romance New Release & Review! ~ P.S. You’re the Worst by Jane Anthony

Title: P.S. You’re The Worst
Author: Jane Anthony
Genre: Enemies to Lovers
Release Date: May 11, 2023
Cover Design: Kate Farlow/Y’all That Graphic
Photo: Michelle Lancaster
Model: Ben

** This is a STANDALONE title with interconnected characters. Prior books do not need to be read. Each stands on its own



USA Today Bestselling Author, Jane Anthony, delivers a provocative tale of lust, love, and all-out war. Opposites attract when Dylan Masters — a golden boy from a wealthy political family — meets Darla Burke—smart-mouthed former bully with a big attitude—on their angst-fueled road from hate to love.

Rich. Spoiled. Cocky. Playboy.

Dylan Masters is the worst. Our only date ended with me doing the walk of shame with his taste still lingering on my tongue. I never expected to see him again . . . nor did I want to.

But when he walks into my restaurant the next morning, I have no choice but to serve him lunch with a smile. Turns out, Dylan isn’t just a date gone wrong—he’s the governor’s son. He’s as callous as he is gorgeous. A golden boy set up for a charmed life, and I’m nothing more than “the help”.

Yet it doesn’t stop his ravenous pursuit to get my attention. He expects me to worship him like everyone else, but he could choke on his silver spoon for all I care. Hate and love are two sides of the same coin. If he wants my heart, he’ll have to work harder.

In a world where cash is king, Dylan Masters finally found the one thing he wants that money can’t buy: me.

When it comes to enemies-to-lovers, it isn’t always my favorite trope because I usually feel as if one character doesn’t do enough to overcome whatever event turned them into enemies. But I am an avid romance reader and I’ll give a good story a chance.
When this Jane Anthony story became available it sounded like a romance that would challenge me as a reader, a woman and a lover of love. And I was right. The good about P.S. You’re The Worst is that neither Dylan nor Darla are very likable though Darla was a character it was easy to sympathize with due to her circumstances and the way she spoke about wanting better for herself. As the story goes on though, it is clear that neither of them are what they seem on the surface and watching two people so rough around the edges and pretending to be so tough, actually soften up and be vulnerable with each other was a nice change of pace.
They did do complete one-eighty changes to their personality but they let each other see the parts of themselves they kept hidden from the world. I put it down and picked it up a few times and after that initial push and pull between them, I was into the story.
P.S. You’re The Worst is an emotional read that will push your boundaries and make you glad you reached the end with Dylan and Darla.

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Jane Anthony is a USA Today best-selling author of contemporary/new adult romance & women’s fiction. A reader proclaimed “queen of angst”, she approaches tough subjects with a gritty voice that tugs on your heart and leaves you breathless.

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