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HAPPY RELEASE DAY ~ Love Broken by JD Hollyfield

Title: Love Broken
Author: J.D. Hollyfield
Genre: RomCom/Contemporary
Release Date: February 26, 2018

My name is Katie Beller, but the world, as of late, knows me as Bailey Swan, the love guru behind my bestselling book.

Want the shortened version? Here it is: 

Love was stupid.

A fake. A farce

Love was broken. 

Women everywhere were eating up my advice and fighting back against fake love. My book started a relationship revolution. And I stood by my story. 

Until I met Charlie Bates.

When I throw all my own rules and advice out the window after a week-long rendezvous, I start to wonder just how real my words were. Maybe love might be just a little more complicated than I thought. 

Maybe I’m the one who’s love broken.


Abby McCarthy – “If you want to swoon, laugh, smile, and even blush, pick up this romcom!”


Dawn, Two Unruly Girls – “I was HOOKED.”

Next Chapter Book Blog – “Five trillion heart wrenching amaze-balls stars!!!”


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Creative designer, mother, wife, writer, part time superhero…

J.D. Hollyfield is a creative designer by day and superhero by night. When she’s not trying to save the world one happy ending at a time, she enjoys the snuggles of her family and three doxies. With her love for romance, and head full of book boyfriends, she was inspired to test her creative abilities and bring her own story to life.

J.D. Hollyfield lives in the Midwest, and is currently at work on blowing the minds of readers, with the additions of her new books and series, along with her charm, humor and HEA’s.


RELEASE DAY!!! ~ Straight Up Irish by Magan Vernon

Title: Straight Up Irish
Series: Murphy’s Pub #1
Author: Magan Vernon
Genre: NA Contemporary
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Release Date: February 19, 2018 
I need a wife if I want to help save my family’s billion-dollar pub empire. There’s just one problem: I never plan on marrying. So, I need someone who understands that this is just another business deal. I don’t do commitments. And my brother’s executive assistant, Fallon Smith, fits that bill.

Fallon needs help with her grandmother’s expenses, and her pretending to be my fake wife is a way we can make that happen. She’s not my biggest fan, but we can help each other and then go our separate ways. That she’s beautiful and I enjoy spending time with her–doesn’t matter. When all of this is done, she’s heading home to America, and I’ve got a company to run.

A fake wedding and a whole lot of whiskey. What could go wrong?

I really liked Fallon and I even liked Conor, but for me Straight Up Irish was just an okay read. It wasn’t so much that it was in first person, it was just that I felt it took a really long time before things really started to happen in the story. It’s clear they like each other from the start, but all the back and forth is annoying and when a book is written in first person it is doubly annoying because there’s no reprieve!

But Conor is cheeky and Fallon is sassy, and they both have good reasons for committing to a fake marriage. I liked that they both knew what the deal was going in and had to fight what was clearly happening between them. But I just wish this had been…more.

Chapter One


The harsh morning light streamed in through the windows as if it were a switch that made the pounding in my head even worse.


The Irish sun I swore was worse than the American one, and so was the alcohol. Nothing in the world compared to Irish whiskey and it had been a while since I’d been back to my hometown of Dublin.


My phone vibrated against the nightstand and stared at the screen until my eyes adjusted to the light I saw not only the time but that Jack’s assistant was calling me.


“Shit,” I muttered, unlocking my phone and sliding it to my ear.


“Fallon, Mo Gra, tell me your calling with some good news.”I jumped up, searching for something to cover my naked arse and found my clothes from the night before strewn across a hardwood floor.


“Using cutesy Irish pet names for me has never worked in your favor, and it especially isn’t when your brothers are wondering where you are.” Her American accent flowed through the speakers with the clicking of a keyboard loud and clear in the background.


“What’s the fun in that? C’mon, now. We’ve been emailing and having this lovely phone calls for months now. We’re practically best mates,” I said, grabbing my boxers.


“Is everything okay, Connor?” A soft voice with a thicker accent than mine murmured.


I whirled around, covering up my junk and my lucky shamrock tattoos that graced each hip bone. On the bed was a pale redhead with a devious smirk and hair more messed up than a 1980s American metal band. I’d say I shagged that one pretty good, wish I remembered it. Been a while since I’d gotten that knackered and wound up in the bed of a hometown girl.


“Is there someone in the background? Are you seriously hooking up when you have a meeting in ten minutes?”


The girl on the bed’s eyes widened, Fallon’s words booming through the phone.


“Yeah. I thought I set the alarm on my phone and would be on time. But the alarm didn’t go off and now I can’t find my pants. Think I can just walk in wearing my boxers?” My blue eyes searched the floor until I found my crumpled jeans.


“Yeah, it went off twice, and you mumbled for me to snooze it. Is that your wife on the phone? Should I be worried? ” the bed girl said in a scratchy voice, raising her eyebrows.


I shook my head as much as I could and slid on my pants.


If I didn’t get my shit together, the meeting was going to start without me. Why did I need to drink that much last night? While my brothers went home early, I just had to see what I was missing in Dublin by studying and working in America. Better than facing the fact why I was back in the country, I guess.


Funerals are as good of an excuse as any to get knackered.


“It’s my brother’s assistant. Fallon, wanna say hello to this girl who is asking if you’re my wife?” I asked with a smile that caused the girl on the bed’s eyebrows to raise even higher on her head.


Fallon groaned. “Why do I even bother calling you? This feels like Deja Vu from when you almost missed your flight out of Boston.”


“Ah, but that one didn’t involve a girl. Just whiskey. And I made that flight, thank you very much.” I held the phone between my ear and shoulder, sliding on my shirt.


“Only because I saved you with pre-boarding.”


“ Maybe when you’re done with work; you can come back. Or we can meet up tonight,” girl on the bed murmured.I combed my fingers through my hair, hoping it didn’t look as bad as hers did.


“Did she seriously ask you to come back? While you’re on the phone with me even?” Fallon’s laughter carried through the phone.


“Not now, Erin,” I said, brushing her hand off my shoulder while I tried to shimmy on my socks, not looking to see the girl’s reaction. If I hurried, I could still make the meeting on time and maybe even find a breath mint or two on someone’s desk on the way there.


“Don’t worry; I’m on my way, so you don’t need to get jealous. You’re the only girl who can bother me at all hours of the night.” I stood up and stepped into my shoes.


“Erin?” the bed girl asked with a huff.


I turned and looked at her steely glare and arms crossed over her bare chest.


“Not Erin?”


“Not even close,” she growled.


Fallon’s laugh carried through the speaker. “Oh, this is classic.”


I frowned even though Fallon couldn’t see it.


“Well, sorry Not Erin, but thanks for the sex I can’t remember. Hope it was better than mediocre for you,” I said with my hand on the door.


Never said I wasn’t an arsehole.


This caused a gasp from both Fallon and the bed girl. I quickly ran out the door, closing it before the thud of something hard hit the wall behind me. Could have been worse, I could have been cold-clocked by a shoe.


“Did you make it out of there alive after that comment?” Fallon asked.


When I stepped outside, I looked around, realizing I was only a few blocks from the office and the pubs I probably stumbled to this girl’s place from. “Ah, and the luck of the Irish is on my side, Mo Gra because I’m not far from the office.”


This wasn’t the first time I’d run to the office after a less than savory encounter with a bird. It’s how my life had been since I started Uni in America and then graduated three years ago.


“You do know this is a will reading, right? Not just you and Jack in a phone conference talking numbers?” she questioned.


“I’m very aware of what this meeting is for,” I grumbled.


I still had at least a few minutes before I was considered past fashionably late and onto acting the maggot. Running down the brick-paved streets of my childhood, I dodged the flower sellers and the older gentlemen who liked to walk for no reason at all.I wanted to come back to Ireland on better terms and not for my Da’s funeral.


Lung disease was one of the top killers in Dublin, and it hit him hard and fast. I didn’t know how bad it was until Fallon called and told me Da was in the hospital. She booked me a flight back home for the next day, but he was already gone before I even crossed the Atlantic.


“Sorry. That came out wrong.” Voices echoed in the background, and I wondered where she was in the building.


I’d seen the girl’s work photo icon in emails and breezed past her desk a few times, but never really saw her. Funny that she was someone I’d talked to almost as much as my brothers these past six months and I hadn’t formally met her.


“Where are you right now? Are you waiting for me outside the meeting room door? Hoping since Not Erin didn’t get a round two that maybe we can officially meet and hit it off?” I joked and breezed through the wrought iron gates of the Murphy Family Pub headquarters, past the secretary and front lobby, covered in photos of generations of Murphy’s who had run the company.


My family owned a distillery for years and used to brew the whiskey in downtown Dublin. The brand expanded, and my father went into the pub franchise business. Now we had hundreds of pubs all over the world, and the original distillery was currently used for a museum and pub on the first floor with corporate offices on the second.


Mam passed away soon after my youngest brother, Sean, was born. Da raised us all while building his empire and now with his sudden passing, my brothers Jack, Sean, and I were set to inherit the company. This meeting was just a formality to settle the estate, giving us our shares in the business. I figured Jack would take Da’s position as CEO with me as CFO and Sean as president or something if he wanted it.


“Your flirting isn’t cute, Mr. Murphy.”


I stopped at a mirror in one of the hallways, noticing my hair stuck up every which way and I tried to lay it down flat with one hand, holding my phone with the other. “What’s this Mr. Murphy nonsense? We’re practically family, Fal.”


She huffed. “Are you almost here? I’m almost to the conference room, and I don’t want to have to tell your brother you’re still not available.”. I started jogging, and just as I turned the corner, instead of breezing into the conference room, I ran chest first into a petite blonde who was holding a tray of coffees that had now spilled all down the front of her dress.


“Aw, I’m sorry ma’am. I didn’t mean to do a number on ya,” I said, staring at her wide blue eyes, circled by red framed glasses. She looked between me and her dress.


I expected to hear a laugh or some quip from Fallon on my phone, but instead I listened to my voice echoing through the pink dressed girl’s phone.


Recognition dawned on me as my eyes roamed over her from the top of her blonde ponytail down the soaked through dress and cardigan, showing off the curvy frame she hid under the nerdy little ensemble. Her photos and glances at her did not do her justice. She was beautiful in a natural way which made her not need the fancy clothes or too much makeup.


“Fallon. We finally get to meet. I feel like I should hug you. Or maybe undress you. You know get you out of that pink number and into something not stained.” I stepped closer, putting my arms out. I may have said the words jokingly, but the thought of her dropping the dress and taking her against the paneled wall was on the forefront of my mind.


“Are you serious right now? You need to go. You’re going to be late,” she hissed


I glanced at my watch again. Shit, the meeting probably already started. I didn’t have time to sweet talk or other things. Pulling out my wallet from my back pocket, I grabbed a few notes. “Let me at least buy you a new dress and replace the coffees.”


“What? No. Just go. I’ll take care of this.” She narrowed her eyes and slightly shook her head.


“Are you sure?” I raised my eyebrows, still holding the money toward her.


The clock near the conference room chimed, alerting me it was at the top of the hour.


“We can chat more about this later,” I said, putting my money back in my wallet. “Nice officially meeting you, Pinky. Let’s do this again real soon, ” I said with a grin, patting her shoulder before I scooted toward the conference room and shut the door behind me.


Three sets of eyes looked up from the conference table they sat around.


My brothers were in crisp blue suits with their light brown hair perfectly gelled, making me look even more like a fool than I felt with my wrinkled clothes which smelled like sex and whiskey.This wasn’t the way to honor, Da, but at least I was there and I was going to be there for his company, no matter what it took.


“Mornin’,” I said, taking my seat across from the estate solicitor, Thomas O’Malley, who looked like a real-life leprechaun with his short stature, bright red beard, and reading glasses perched on his nose.


“Glad you could grace us with your presence, Connor,” Thomas said, shuffling the papers in his hands.


“Happy to have made it,” I said, folding my hands on the table and smiling, even though my brothers audibly groaned next to me. If there was one thing I learned from Da, it was that you never showed weakness.


“Okay, let’s get started with the reading,” Thomas said, clearing his throat.


Then flipped to a new sheet. “Whereupon my death, my three sons, Jack, Connor, and Sean will each inherit their equal share of thirty-three and a half-percent of the family franchise upon the day all three of their marriage certificates are certified by a priest and again by my solicitor Thomas O’Malley, six months after the day of their nuptials. If all three of them are not married within a year of my death, none will be able to get controlling interests, and the board may offer each son’s ownership stake to the highest bidder.”

Every hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Marriage? Thre three of us? Within a year? All of that to get the company? That couldn’t be right. Da never said anything about that. Sure, he was a loyal family man, who never married or even dated after Mam died, but I didn’t think he would do something like this.Especially when the board was a bunch of crotchety old men who smoked too many cigars and were probably half the reason Da got sick in the first place.

My oldest brother Jack leaned forward in his seat. “Thomas. I could be wrong here, but is this stating that each of us has to be married and not just married, but married for six months? And this all has to happen within the year? That can’t be right. Da never even re-married or had a serious girlfriend. He used to say the pub was his only wife after Mam.”

Thomas sighed, pushing his glasses up. “You young men have done a fine job in your positions in the company, but your father also knew you were still sowing your wild oats. He wanted to make sure you settled down a bit, so the company didn’t suffer. This was his way of seeing to that.”

There has to be a clause that can get us out of this, right? I don’t even have a girlfriend, let alone a girl I’d want to marry by the end of the year.” Sean said.

I wanted to ask Sean what he even had to do with this company since he hadn’t taken an interest in anything but rugby. I know Jack had brought up more than once about eventually buying out his portion and now with us all having to be married, or none of us got the company, which put a damper on that one. Before I could ask any more questions, Thomas cleared his throat.

“Boys, I’d like to say there’s another option, but that’s what it states in the will,” he said, standing up and placing the papers in his briefcase. “You can try and get your own solicitors or a judge to dispute this, but I’ve been doing this for longer than you’ve been alive. Once this will is set and notarized, it’s legally binding.”

“Does the board know about this?” Jack asked.

Thomas nodded solemnly. “Ah, they’re aware of the clause, not all of the details, but some have already made comments about a buyout for a third of the company.”

I clenched my fists without even thinking, my gut twisting at the thought of someone else taking over the business.The one Da had built from the ground up, but Jack and I had worked to keep it a well-oiled machine on both sides of the pond. A bunch of old men with one foot in the grave would just run the franchise into the ground along with all our hard work.

Da put a lot of hard work into the enterprise. What he built. What he wanted our family to have. That wasn’t just going to disappear because of some marriage clause, I couldn’t let it.

“Can’t we just find some girl, see if she wants to get married for a few months, then divorce with a nice little settlement? Isn’t that what they do on those American reality shows for publicity?” Sean asked, staring between all of us.

Thomas shrugged. “I guess there’s nothing in the will that says you can’t, but how do you think the board would take that? Moreover, your Da would probably roll in his grave if he heard you married a girl just to get the company. Your mother was the love of his life and the reason he was able to make this company what it is today. He just wants the same thing for you boys. Not some random fling.”

“I’m sure there are worse things we could do,” Sean muttered, buttoning and unbuttoning his suit jacket.

“If we have nothing else to discuss, then I best be heading back to the office. You’ll call if you need anything and let me know as soon as I get to meet the future Murphy girls,” Thomas said with a tight-lipped smile.

We walked him toward the door, but none of us left the room.

Jack was the first to speak as soon as Thomas rounded the corner and was out of sight. “What the hell are we going to do?”

Sean shook his head. “I don’t know. This wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Hell, I guess I’d better get on a dating app or something.”

“This isn’t a joke,” Jack growled.

I put my hand on his shoulder, trying to calm the beast a little, but his nostril’s flared. “Calm down, Jack. We’ll figure this out. We always do.”

His dark blue eyes didn’t move from the empty hallway. “This isn’t about deciding where to put a new pub in America or marketing expenditures. This is marriage. This is our company. Our future.”

I nodded solemnly. We all knew what was at stake here and the only way to solve our problems was with a wedding. Something I never even thought I would be thinking about. Now I had no choice. I was going to be a married man by the end of the year, and so were my brothers, no matter what it took.

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Magan Vernon has been living off of reader tears since she wrote her first short story in 2004. She now spends her time killing off fictional characters, pretending to plot while she really just watches Netflix, and she tries to do this all while her two young children run amok around her Texas ranch.



REVIEW TOUR! ~ Just One Night by Charity Ferrell

Title: Just One Night
Author: Charity Ferrell
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: February 15, 2018
Kindle Unlimited

“What the f*ck have I done?” aren’t the first words you want to hear after a one-night stand.
Yet, that’s what he gave me.

Dallas Barnes is tall, dark, and handsome.
He’s also scarred, rough, and broken down by burdens. 
A single dad. A widower. A lost soul.

We found each other in the back of a dark pub. 
He brought the whiskey.
I brought the bad decisions.
He called it a mistake.
I vowed never to speak to him again.

That vow is broken with one test.
Two pink lines turn my life upside down.

One night changes everything.

Where do I begin with Just One Night? Dallas is a single dad and though a few years have passed, he is still a wreck over the death of his wife. He became a master at single parenthood, perfecting everything from French braids to her favorite snack. But when it comes to his own heart, he has been unwilling to hand it over to anyone else.

I wanted to LOVE this book, but I only liked it. Part of it was the fact that it was written in first person, which you may have noted, is not my favorite. The story was compelling though, Dallas wakes up after a one night stand with Willow, cursing about what a mistake it was. How is Willow supposed to feel other than rejected? Humiliated?

Well she does, and later she has a lot more regret to feel, but I’ll let you read the story to get all those juicy details.

At the beginning of Just One Night, I had a very difficult time with both characters. Willow was kind of a doormat, complaining internally about what a jerk he was and then succumbing to his whims just as quickly. It didn’t endear me to her, and Dallas was a dick so they both had a long way to go warm me up.

But they did. When the story moved away from him being a bossy jerk and her just allowing it, the story got good. Really good. Dealing with moving on after death is a tough subject and Charity Farrell did a good job of straddling the line between making the reader understand his pain and rolling their eyes.

He had a lot to prove, and I was glad to see that Willow forced him to prove it. Mostly. I think she gave in a bit too soon, but that’s another fine line in the romance genre.

Charity Ferrell writes New Adult and Contemporary Romance. She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. She grew up riding her bicycle to the town’s public library, and reading anything she could get her hands on.

When she’s not writing or plotting her next book, you can find her reading, spending time with her family, or shopping online. 

Just One Night is her ninth book.


HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!! 💞💞 The Earl’s Entanglement by Cecelia Mecca

Title: The Earl’s Entanglement
Series: Border Series
Author: Cecelia Mecca
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: February 22, 2018
The Earl


Garrick Helmsley, an earl in both England and Scotland, returns from the Crusades to find his Scottish inheritance challenged by his uncle. Forced to secure his claim in Linkirk, he agrees to marry the daughter of a powerful border lord. But no sooner does he agree to the arrangement than he meets Lady Emma Waryn—the impulsive and irresistible sister-in-law of his old friend, the Countess of Kenshire. Before he knows it, he finds himself escorting Lady Emma to Scotland. The more time he spends with her, the more he wishes to end his betrothal, but the situation in Scotland only becomes more heated.

The Lady

Lady Emma loves her elder brothers, but their protectiveness frequently drives her to the brink of madness. The last thing she wants is more of the same in a husband, so she has pledged never to marry a powerful, domineering man. Yet the Earl of Clave is both of those things—and he immediately stirs her passion. Garrick might not be the husband she thought she needed, but she soon realizes he’s the only one she wants.
Garrick’s unwanted betrothal stands between them, but breaking it may well cause a war. Will love find a way to bring the earl and his lady together?



A medieval romance author and former English teacher with a PhD in Curriculum/Language and Literacy, Cecelia combines two of her passions, romance novels and the middle ages. She transports readers to an admittedly romanticized time of knights and castles complete with alpha male types and strong female heroines.


When not bringing the 13th-century Anglo-Scottish border to life in the Border Series, Cecelia can be found in Pennsylvania planning a Disney trip, watching period dramas or convincing her children to watch Star Wars or Harry Potter–again.


COVER REVEAL!!! ~ Link’d Up by Harley Stone

Title: Link’d Up
Series: Dead Presidents MC Series #1
Author: Harley Stone
Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: March 26, 2018 

President Tyler “Link” Lincoln of the Dead Presidents MC, runs a club dedicated to helping military vets readjust to society. When his sergeant at arms is arrested for the attempted murder of a prominent Seattle figure, Link’s search for a lawyer brave enough to fight for justice leads him to an alluring defense attorney with a bleeding heart and a steel backbone. 

This isn’t the first time Emily Stafford’s commitment to defending the falsely accused has put her in harm’s way. Smart, cautious, and independent, she knows how to defend herself. At least, she did until she joined forces with one sexy, overbearing, tattooed MC president.

Flames run hot as Link and Emily seek shelter in the club’s converted fire station, working against the clock to uncover the truth and save a somewhat innocent man. 

Harley Stone writes mafia romance and funny-as-shit romantic fiction. When she’s not writing, she’s busy living out her real adventure in southwest Washington with her husband and their five boys. 



HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!! ~ The Happy Endings Collection by L. Wilder

Collection Title: The Happy Endings Collection
Titles: My Temptation ~ Bring The Heat ~ His Promise
Author: L. Wilder
Genre: RomCom

Release Date: February 20, 2018


After one too many disappointments in and out of the bedroom, I’d all but given up on men. While I was doubtful that therapy would change anything, I had to try something.

As soon as I walked into Dr. Seth Michaels’ office, temptation set in. With his piercing green eyes and devilish smile, the handsome doctor was every woman’s fantasy, including mine.

He tempted me in ways that I never dreamed possible, but some lines just can’t be crossed. With a newfound libido, I left his office thinking I would never see him again, but fate and a meddling mother had other plans.


Tucker Michaels could bring the heat, striking out anyone who stepped up to the plate, and he was burning up the big leagues.

At least, that’s what I was told.

I had no idea who Tucker Michaels was, and I honestly didn’t care. From the moment I met him, I thought he was an arrogant, smart-mouthed jerk.

I’ll admit he was hot—if you’re into those gorgeous, athletic types, but there was no mistaking the way he looked at me, like I was about to be his next grand slam. 

Unfortunately for him, he was about to be the one to strike out. I had no interest in playing games, especially when he was helping my little brother’s baseball team. 

… But after a week from hell and one too many drinks, I was starting to see another side of the sexy, charismatic player.


After the devastating loss of my wife and daughter, I did everything in my power to guard my heart, making everyone, including myself, believe I no longer had one. I focused on my work and kept everyone at a distance. It was the only way I could face the day. 

I had no time for distractions, but the day Langley, my legal assistant, asked for help with her custody battle there was no way I could refuse. When I was at my worst, she was there to pick up the pieces, making sure I didn’t lose the only thing I had left—my career.

Now, it was my turn to ensure she didn’t lose the one thing she cared about most—her children. 

I promised to help, but I had no way of knowing that one promise would turn my entire world upside down. With the help of her two kids, she chiseled away at the walls I’d worked so hard to build, and I found myself wanting the one thing I thought was out of my reach—another chance at love.
Leslie Wilder grew up in a small town in West Tennessee. A country girl at heart, she’s always thought that life is too short, but she had no idea how short it really was until her brother passed away in 2014. She’s always been an avid reader, loving the escape only a great book can give, and wondered if she had what it took to write one of the wild romances she’d come to adore. With the support of her family and friends, she published Inferno: A Devil Chaser’s MC, one year after her brother’s death. With him in mind, she fulfilled her lifetime dream of writing. Since then, she’s completed the Devil Chaser’s Series and continued on with the Satan’s Fury MC Series. She has so many stories in her head, and can’t wait to share each and every one.
Leslie has been blown away by the support of her readers, appreciating every message, review, and encouraging word she’s received over the past year. She looks forward to continuing this journey with them for years to come.


99¢ SALE!!!! ~ Blackest Gold Series by R. Scarlett

Series Title: Blackest Gold Series
Novels: Vein of Love ~ Body of the Crime ~ A Vow of Thorns ~ To Crown a Beast 
Author: R. Scarlett
Genre: Romance
Release Date: Available Now




“Darkness isn’t all one shade, sweetheart.”

Three centuries ago, Molly Darling’s ancestors signed a contract in blood—daemon blood—to protect themselves from harm. On the eve she turns nineteen, Molly leaves for her birthday party against her parent’s wishes, sick of their warnings about her “betrothal to a demon.”

Except that she’s very much betrothed, and he’s very much a demon—one who’s only agreed to the nuptials to steal Molly’s ancient daemon powers. Brash, arrogant, and built like a Greek god, Tensley Knight keeps showing up to save Molly from otherworldly attacks, only to insult her a moment later.

As Molly learns more about the demon world, she realizes two things: that her family’s safety depends on a successful marriage, while any chance of freedom she’ll ever have calls for Tensley’s demise.

Yet sometimes Molly spots a tortured soul beyond those liquid grey eyes, and there’s no denying the way her skin tingles when Tensley touches it. In Vein of Love, safety requires sacrifice, foe becomes lover, and one must decide whether to kiss…or to kill.


Body of the Crime

 Never trust a demon.

Never trust your heart.

And never trust the woman who holds it.

In Body of the Crime, a beast craved a beauty and oh, how she ravaged him.


A Vow of Thorns

Never disobey the court.

Never disobey the crown.

And never tame that vicious heart.

In A Vow of Thorns, sacred laws are broken when a beauty holds an iron heart.



To Crown a Beast

She tasted his sweetness, his power, and his love, and it destroyed him.

That iron heart has turned to ashes, leaving only a heartless beast.

One she vows to tame.

One she vows to save.

Before he rips her own heart out.




R. Scarlett lives in a small quaint town in Southern Ontario, Canada and has an unhealthy obsession with mythology and romance. 

From studying English literature and minoring in History, she loves losing herself in a good book and snuggling up to her Brittany Spaniel. 

When she’s not writing or plotting a delicious novel, she can be found hanging out with friends and family, going on long car rides, exploring small towns, or watching reruns of Sex and the City.


RELEASE DAY ~ Broken Boundaries by TC Matson

Title: The Broken Boundaries
Series: The Debonair Series #1
Author: TC Matson
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: February 21, 2018

Two things I love are the company I built from the ground up and women, and not particularly in that order.


When I see something I want, I get it, whether it’s a new client or a wild night in the sack.


Women flock to my stock, and ladies, that’s not all they enjoy.


I’m not labeled as one of Denver’s top playboys for nothing. 
I’m damn good-looking, my pockets are deep, and my “endowments” leave women begging for more.
Two rules I live by:
* Don’t mix business with pleasure.
* Never, ever date an employee.
I thought I had it all in check until Zoey Campbell started working for me.
All my rules? Disintegrated.
Because rules are meant to be broken.
And great sex is meant to be had.

Easton Langley is a manwhore.
I knew his reputation before I applied for the job.
But none of the rumors about him mattered because my focus was on my career.
And I’m smart enough not to fall for his sexy charm.
Or so I thought.
He’s so insanely good-looking and smooth with his words, I can’t help but be distracted whenever he’s around. 
Fantasizing about the boss is inappropriate.
Sleeping with him would be crossing the line.
One night. That’s all it took.
And going back to the way it was isn’t an option.
The worst part about it?
I’ve fallen for him.

When a late night in the office shatters every rule, Easton and Zoey find themselves breaking all the boundaries.

“Why would you care what I do outside of work?” I ask valiantly. Bad day or not, I’ll not be the person taking direct hits from his frustrations.

He rests back in his chair. “Because I do.” I’m stunned by the sexy grin curving his mouth. “You represent me.”

He’s got to be kidding me. Him of all people? “Sir, no matter what I do, it’ll cause no harm to your business. If your reputation hasn’t damaged anything, I’m quite sure my nonexistent one won’t either.”

I smother the gasp my words cause. I can’t believe my mouth, but I hold my ground, keeping my nervousness below my poker face.

His chuckle is playful. “I’m not what they claim in the papers or wherever else my reputation is slandered. Rumors are just rumors. Most of them false. I conduct myself professionally and give them no further thought.”

My skin is still buzzing from his gall. “No matter how dazzling your entrance, your reputation got there before you. Regardless of how you conduct yourself, a reputation like yours can influence the purest of minds.”

He chokes on his water.

Still irked, I push to my feet and flash a bitchy smirk. “Thank you for lunch.” 

“Dreaming in Reality…You dream in reality when you pick up a book and get lost in it. In my writing, I strive to take you to a place where reality and fantasy become a blurry line. Everything should be relatable. It could happen…couldn’t it?” ~ TC MatsonTC Matson loves to let her character’s voices be heard. With a head full of stories, she puts her keyboard through a beating daily. With an understanding that love isn’t always instant and full of flowers—her writing mirrors it.

She’s a romance junkie at heart and an avid reader. Add those two together and she will devour books within hours, getting lost in the world the author creates.

Matson resides in the peaceful Piedmont area of NC with her husband and three boys, where staying hopped up on caffeine is the key to her sanity. Chaos is indefinite and a sense of humor is an absolute must.


RELEASE ~ Compound 26 by Krista Street

Title: Compound 26
Series: The Makanza Series
Author: Krista Street
Genre: Dystopian/Sci-Fi Romance
Release Date: February 8, 2018 


In a society ruled by sanctions and curfews, Dr. Meghan Forester emerges as the youngest and most promising scientist to join the fight against Makanza – the deadly virus that’s ravaged the world.


Inside Compound 26, a giant government-controlled research facility, Meghan’s new job involves studying the Kazzies, the rare survivors who carry the virus and now exhibit supernatural powers. But as her work enfolds, Meghan’s horrified at the brutal and unethical practices the Kazzies are subjected to. And most surprisingly, she falls in love with one.
Faced with growing conflict over helping the Kazzies versus following the Compound’s strict policies, Meghan must choose: obey the government’s unethical practices or risk everything to save the only man she’s ever loved.



For once, Davin stood still. He stared at the men. It was the first time I got a good look at him.


My mouth dropped.
He looked normal, like any other human.
If I had seen him on the street, I would have guessed he was like me or Amy. Healthy, whole, untouched by Makanza. Nothing about him screamed that he’d been contaminated.
My eyes traveled up his frame. He was larger than average build, tall, but not so tall he’d draw attention. His skin was tan, like he’d just been out in the sun, which I knew was impossible. The muscles visible beneath his torn clothing were well-defined, but by no means bulky. His incredible strength and speed had to come from something within. When my eyes reached his face, my breath caught. The emotion on his face…
I’d never seen anything like it.
Davin’s features, the straight nose, high cheekbones, and deep-set eyes, would normally be attractive, even strikingly handsome, but they had twisted and contorted into an expression that could only be described as absolute rage.


Krista Street’s books often feature a large cast of complex characters, plenty of supernatural twists, and romance in every story. She loves writing about coming of age characters who fight to find their place in this world while also finding their one true mate who complements them more than any other.


Krista Street is a Minnesota native but has lived throughout the U.S. and in another country or two. She loves to travel, read, and spend time in the great outdoors. When not writing, Krista is either chasing her children, spending time with her husband and friends, sipping a cup of tea, or enjoying the hidden gems of beauty that Minnesota has to offer.



BLOG TOUR!! ~ Wheelie by Jessie Cooke

Title: Wheelie
Series: Southside Skulls Motorcycle Club
Author: Jessie Cooke
Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: February 15, 2018


Wheelie just wanted to make love…have a little fun. 
With a beautiful girl in his bed, he’d never believe the nightmare he would be living in the morning. 
He’d never do anything like this, but who would be believe that now? 
Sabrina was torn between doubt and desire, but the need to find her sister’s killer would drive her to do what she knew was needed…at all costs. 
As the mystery unfolds, every road leads to something more sinister, and only adds to the confusion of why the girl died. 
There is someone out there who can connect the missing pieces, but that person is missing too. 

This is the 9th book in the Southside Skulls MC Series. It is a Standalone Romance Novel but characters from the previous novels, DAX, CODY, GUNNER, ZACK, LEVI, KAT, HUNTER & GARRETT are included in this story too. 
HEA and No cliffhanger. 
Intended for Mature Readers. 

* * * 

The Southside Skulls MC Series is about members of the MC club, and their friends and associates. 
Each story, while focused around one or more main characters, is not necessarily about a Southside Skulls club member, but the story is related to Skulls members and the club.

“Hey, Kimber, darlin’, can you get me one of those blueberry muffins?” Kimber was new to the club. One of the guys brought her home one night and she just never left. She was a pretty, petite little blonde and after a few months of being on the ranch hadn’t caused any trouble that Dax knew of, so he didn’t mind if she stayed. 
“Sure, Dax.” She never looked him directly in the eyes. She was always polite and courteous, but when he looked at her, she looked at the floor and when she spoke back, it was barely above a whisper. That told Dax she was probably well-controlled, abused, or both at some point in her life. She wasn’t much over eighteen either, maybe twenty, twenty-one. When Dax got a break from all the shit that had been going on lately, he’d probably sit down and talk to her. He wasn’t sure why he so desperately wanted to save them all, but it had become almost a compulsion. 

His real job was calling, though. He was sitting at a table in the bar with stacks of invoices in front of him. The IRS had decided to do an audit on the bakery they owned in town. Dax knew it was the Feds’ way of getting them for something, since nothing else they tried to get them for ever stuck. It pissed him off, especially because the accountant didn’t know the difference between the real invoices and the ones that they used to launder money through the business. Maybe that meant the IRS wouldn’t either, but Dax wasn’t willing to take that chance. He was going through each one of them individually and separating them out before the agent showed up later that afternoon.

“You know, back in the eighties they came out with these really cool things called computers. You just scan or type all your information into them and boom, no stacks of paper. You should get one.” Dax didn’t even look up at Handsome. He just raised his right hand and his middle finger. He heard his VP laugh before sliding into the seat on the other side of the table. “In all seriousness, why is that all on paper?”

Dax sighed and looked up at him. “Because hard drives can’t ever be erased. If it was computerized we’d need two programs and the second one would be a hell of a lot harder to shred than these papers will be, smart-ass. Now, how about you help instead of just talking a bunch of shit?”

“I’d love to, Boss, but you told me to ride up to Mystic with Wheelie today, remember?”

Dax rubbed the back of his neck. Another shit storm was going on in Connecticut simultaneously. Some days he wished that he had an office job. “Bring that fucker back here with you,” he told Handsome, narrowing his blue eyes. “In one piece.”

Handsome grinned. “Is it okay if his pieces are a little bruised and torn?”

Dax chuckled. “Yeah, but seriously, save some for me. If that motherfucker doesn’t have one hell of a good explanation as to why the shipment was thirty thousand dollars short…well, you know.”

“Here you go, Dax.” Kimber had slipped quietly up to the table and set the muffin on a plate in front of him. “Would you like some more coffee?”

“Nah, darlin’, I’m good.”

“You?” she asked Handsome. He grinned and ran his eyes up and down her body in a way that would get his ass kicked by his old lady Callie. Dax just rolled his eyes as Handsome, in a whisper, said:

“I’d love some coffee, beautiful. Thank you.” Kimber’s face reddened and as she turned and walked away, Handsome’s eyes stayed glued to her ass. When he turned back and saw Dax looking at him he said, “Just because I’ve already got my entree doesn’t mean I can’t look at the dessert menu.”

Dax just shook his head at his friend. “What time are you and Wheelie taking off?” Wheelie was one of Dax’s newest pledges. He was a prospect for almost two years before they patched him in. He’d given Dax a lot of room for pause in the two years he prospected and if he hadn’t cleaned up his act over the past year, he wouldn’t be wearing the Skulls patch now. The first six months he was a prospect he completely screwed up taking a luxury car out of the garage they fed out of a lot. He didn’t get caught, but the valets were alerted how they were getting in and out, and so that lucrative well dried up that night. About a month after that, he was fucking some girl behind a bar in Boston. He got arrested for public nudity.

At least that was an interesting story. But the last time he got into trouble was the worst. He’d been drunk in a bar with several of the other brothers. He got into a fight with a blue-collar guy over a woman and in the middle of the fight, he pulled out his gun and pressed it into the guy’s forehead. Luckily for him and everyone else, the safety stuck. Dax’s guys pulled him out of there before the police arrived, and they were able to hide him out until it all blew over. But as part of his punishment, Dax got together the most gruesome photos he could find of men with half their heads blown off. Then he made him go to the prison on Sunday and visit every one of the Skulls incarcerated there for murder. They each told him a story about what life in prison was like. 

After that, Wheelie settled down some. He still liked to smoke, drink, and fuck, but those things Dax could handle. What he wasn’t going to tolerate was some little shit self-destructing and taking the club down with him along the way. He knew his guys weren’t angels, but they knew that if they wanted to swim in shit, they needed to do it far away from the ranch. 

Handsome looked at his phone and said, “He was supposed to meet me here fifteen minutes ago. Did he stay here last night?”

Dax sighed and looked up at his VP. “You think I’m managing curfews now on top of all this other shit?” Kimber was there again with Handsome’s coffee. He blew her a kiss and thanked her. This time as he watched her ass while she walked away Dax said, “Focus, man. You need to find Wheelie and get out there before Captain Bligh hears we’re coming and disappears.”

Captain Bligh was really Captain Blout, a fifty-something-year-old ship captain that had come highly recommended to Dax for the transport of certain merchandise out of the New England ports. The first two trips went smoothly, and the captain sent his man to the ranch in Massachusetts with the package he’d brought back. Each package should contain a hundred grand. Dax had gotten a package the day before that contained seventy. He’d called the good captain first, but the crook wasn’t answering his phone. Dax found out where the captain was staying in Mystic and he was sending Handsome and Wheelie to escort him back to the ranch to answer for the missing thirty grand. The old bastard was going to need to have the thirty grand on him, or he was going to wish he’d drowned himself at sea. 

“Yeah,” Handsome said, taking a gulp of the hot coffee and making a face. “I’ll…” Before he could finish that sentence, a piercing scream or cry came from upstairs. It sounded like someone was being killed. Dax and Handsome were on their feet and up the stairs in seconds with the rest of the guys that had been in the bar trailing behind them. There had only been that one scream, but now that they were at the top of the stairs they could hear a man’s voice repeatedly saying, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh, motherfucking Christ!” It was Wheelie’s voice. They followed the sound and when Dax tried the door it was locked. He slammed his hand against it. 

“Wheelie! Open up! What the hell is going on in there?”

“Dax! Fuck! I didn’t do this! Fuck! Oh God!” 

“Open the fucking door, Wheelie, or I’m kicking the motherfucker down.” 

The lock disengaged, and the door opened slowly inward. Dax had seen a lot of shit in his life, so nothing much shocked him. But he hadn’t been expecting the sight of the naked brother, saturated in blood…most of it dried.

“Jesus Christ, Wheelie, what the fuck did you do?”

The kid was crying, and the wet tears caused the dark, scarlet blood to flow down his cheeks, over his chin, and across his neck and chest. He had his hands palms-up, and blood dripped down his wrists. “I didn’t,” he said, shaking his head, harder. “I swear, Dax, I didn’t.”

“You didn’t what? What the fuck didn’t you do?” Handsome had already walked into the room. Dax watched as he pulled the comforter back on the bed and cursed. Handsome left it that way and went into the bathroom. Dax could see the blood-soaked sheet that the comforter had been hiding. Between that blood and what was all over Wheelie, there was no way whatever had spilled it was still alive. 

“Dax!” Handsome yelled from the bathroom. “You better come see this.”

“Dax…” Wheelie reached for him with his blood-drenched hands but thankfully caught himself before touching his president. “I didn’t do that. Please, when you see…oh fuck, I didn’t do it!” Dax drew his eyes away from the hysterical kid and headed for the bathroom. He could hear him still crying and protesting behind him. He knew that he didn’t want to know what Wheelie didn’t do, even before he stepped into the small bathroom and was instantly nauseated by the smell. Dax had smelled death many times and without seeing what Handsome was staring down at in the tub, he knew that was what he was smelling. The shower curtain had been white, but a dark red, bloody handprint stained it now as it lay torn from the pole on the floor next to the tub. The tub had been filled too full, and water had sloshed over the sides. Dax looked at Handsome before finally turning his eyes downward on the grisly scene. 

“Oh Jesus.” Handsome had his hand over his nose and mouth, and Dax did the same as he stared down into the tub. It was more blood than water, but that wasn’t the horrifying thing. A young woman was soaking in it. She was nude, at least as far as Dax could see where the scarlet water didn’t cover her. One arm hung limply over the side of the tub. Her hand was facing upwards and covered in cuts surrounded by dried blood. Her head was lying back against the porcelain tile, tipped at an odd angle to the right. The hair that was plastered to her face and shoulders looked like it used to be blonde, but now it was red in places where the blood was wet and almost black where it had dried. A deep gash was drawn across her throat, almost ear to ear, and it was obvious that was where the blood that filled the tub had come from. Her green eyes were open and staring up at them, and her mouth was shaped in a perfect “O” like she had died screaming. Why the fuck hadn’t anyone heard her? “Wheelie!” The kid appeared in the doorway, now with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. He was shaking from head to toe, but Dax doubted that it was from being cold. “Who is she?”

“I met her at a party last night, the one I went to with Buzz. It was at this chick’s house in Dorchester…”

“Fucking Dorchester? What the fuck were you doing in Dorchester? You know…” Handsome stopped his rant when Dax put his hand up. The club was having problems with another club that had staked Dorchester out as their turf. They all knew they weren’t supposed to go there unless it was on Dax’s orders. But that wasn’t the important issue at the moment.

“Go on,” Dax told Wheelie, a hell of a lot calmer than he was feeling. 

“I know we weren’t supposed to be there. I told Buzz, but we had already smoked some weed and both of us had a few beers. He said this house was out on the border where the rich people lived and there was no way we’d run into any of the Blades there…” He was talking fast, without taking a breath. “I know we shouldn’t have. Fuck!” He looked down at the woman. “Fuck…” He whimpered. 

“Focus!” Dax snapped at him. “On me. Who is she?”

“She lived at the house. She wasn’t supposed to be at the party, it was her sister’s deal. Their parents were out of town and they were house sitting. I was smoking on the back patio and she came down and the next thing I know, we’re making out. Her sister came out and freaked out on us, so Buzz and I went to leave. I was getting on my bike out front and all of a sudden she was there with a backpack. She said she was sick of her parents and her sister treating her like a kid. She wanted to come with us. She was hot, Dax, and old enough,” he added quickly. 

“Well, she’s not hot anymore, Wheelie, and she’s dead. So tell me how the fuck that happened?”

“I don’t know. I fucking swear to God I don’t know. I woke up covered in blood and I was freaking out. I got up to look for her and this is where I found her…how I found her. I didn’t do it, Dax! I swear to God!”

“Dax!” Handsome called out. Dax took a deep breath to steady himself. He wanted to drop the kid right there. 

“Don’t move!” he told him before he went into the other room. Hawk had followed them up and now he was standing next to the mirrored dresser with a wallet in his hand. At least he had sense enough to put on his gloves before he touched it, Dax thought. 

“You should see this,” he said, holding out the wallet.

“Um…Dax…” That was Gunner, Dax’s brother. He turned and looked at Gunner first. He was holding a towel in his hand; it was a white one like the ones the girls stocked the clubhouse bathrooms with. But this one was covered with blood and in the center of it, like it had been wrapped up, sat a hunting knife. The fucking knife was huge, with a serrated edge and a pearl handle. Blood covered the blade and the white handle was stained with it as well. 

“Fuck, where was that?”

“Right under the edge of the bed,” Gunner said. 

“Put it back.” He sighed and turned toward Hawk. “What do you want me to look at?”

Hawk flipped open the wallet. Dax didn’t have his gloves and he had no fucking idea how they were going to fix this yet, so he didn’t touch it. He was looking at a Massachusetts driver’s license with a picture of a beautiful woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and green eyes. She was twenty-one. He looked at the name on the license. Her name was Pamela Kent. Kent? Why did that name sound familiar? 

“You see it, Boss?” Hawk asked. Dax looked at the license again, at the street address in Dorchester. He knew that address too. The name and the address…

“Oh my fucking God!”

Hawk for once didn’t have that smug or sarcastic look he usually carried on his face. He actually looked genuinely afraid. “This is Bartholomew Kent III’s kid.”

This couldn’t have been any worse, unless President Trump’s daughter had been visiting. Bartholomew Kent III was the Southside’s newest District Attorney elect. He had won the election on a platform of being tough on crime. Most specifically, getting rid of the gangs on the Southside, all of them, even the ones that rode Harleys and gave a big percentage of their profits back to the community. Bart Kent made a campaign commercial calling them out, and telling them this community didn’t want their “blood money.” 

“Dax?” He heard Wheelie’s voice behind him. His temper was at the breaking point and the sound of that whine in a grown-ass man’s voice was what pushed him over the edge…at least that’s what he told himself. He spun around and let his fist catch the underside of Wheelie’s jaw. The other man was thrown backwards about two feet before he hit the floor. There was complete silence in the room. Dax stared at Wheelie for a few seconds as he rubbed his knuckles and then he said: 

“Nobody touches any fucking thing else. Get him out of here and the rest of you get out. Church in fifteen minutes.”

“Boss, what are we going to do?” Hawk was the only one stupid enough to ask Dax anything while he was that pissed. Dax shot flames out of his eyes as he looked at the old man and said: 

“We might as well drink the fucking poison Kool-Aid before the cavalry gets here. You and Wheelie go first.” He could hear Hawk laughing as he left the room. He wished he were kidding.

Jessie Cooke writes hot romance novels about tough guys, bad boys, bikers, fighters and lovers and the women of strong character who tame them.