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New Release & Review!!! ~ the Mistletoe Trap by Cindi Madsen

BOOK: The Mistletoe Trap
AUTHOR: Cindi Madsen
RELEASE DATE: 16-Nov-2020


From the moment Julie sees her best friend, Gavin, in the airport, it’s like no time at all has gone by instead of months and months. No matter how long they’ve been apart, their relationship has always been steady, comfortable, and decidedly just friends. Even though their meddling parents have hung what seems like unlimited amounts of mistletoe everywhere she goes this holiday season, Julie knows some things will never change.

Gavin is well-aware his family’s wanted him and Julie to get together since forever, even though he’s been friend-zoned since they could talk—and he’s been happy to play that role. After all, as the new starting quarterback for the San Antonio Mustangs, he’s got enough on his plate without adding romance to the mix.

But between playing elves in the holiday bazaar to nights spent one-on-one watching rom-coms or soaking in their town’s hot springs, suddenly the “reverse parent trap” they’ve fallen into is actually starting to work. But this could be one scheme where letting themselves get trapped might be way too dangerous.

Each book in the Heart in the Game series is STANDALONE:
* The Wedding Deal
* The Mistletoe Trap

Let me just start by saying that I am a pretty big Cindi Madsen fan. Throw in a holiday romance with a friends to lovers trope and I’m pretty much all in.

Julie and Gavin were good best friends in that they didn’t shy away from talking about their love lives and they were pretty much all up in each other’s business which really sold the narrative that they were lifelong besties. Maybe a little too much like besties?

I could see they were attracted to one another, that was pretty clear early on in the story but it was hard for me to see/believe them as anything more. The anticipation of the story certainly was there what with the fling and all the other people involved, but it took so long for the friends to make that transition that it started to feel…childish.

I loved them both and I thought The Mistletoe Trap was a fun story with some super cute elements, but I felt Gavin and Julie were very immature for their ages and careers. That part did make it easier to believe that it took them so long to get together, but it kind of annoyed me. I was very satisfied with the ending of this story, as always.

This is the kind of romance you want to read because you laugh, you cry a little and you get annoyed at the characters when they don’t behave the way you want them to!


Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kCCE0P
iBooks: https://apple.co/3e9lOF3
B&N: https://bit.ly/3lwaxld

BOOK TOUR!!! ~ Rules of Friendship by CA Harms

Title: Rules of Friendship
Author: C.A. Harms
Genre: A Friends-To-Lovers Standalone Romance
Release Date: August 6, 2018
As a guy, the number one rule to being best friends with a girl should be simple…
Never, and I do mean never, fall in love with her. 
Oh and you should never fantasize about her either.
Believe me, that situation can get messy really fast and leave you with nothing but one hell of an awkward mess on your hands—literally.
Reese and I have been through everything together; our bond is deep. But I am going down fast, and I fear there is no way to stop it. I spend most of my time hiding my body’s reaction to her because like I said: just friends.
But things are changing. We are changing. 
I no longer see her as just Reese, my best friend. When I look at her now, I see a gorgeous woman that takes my breath away. I see my future. But what if she doesn’t see me the same way? 
I can’t risk losing her… 
The fear of screwing everything up is excruciating. So that’s why I have chosen to stick to the rules. The Rules of Friendship that is. 
She was off limits. Plain and simple. 
But then in she walks wearing her tiny shorts and those tight tops. Come on, a guy can only have so much restraint before he caves…

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Review ~ Pianos & Promises Book 1 – Jennifer Peel

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Doesn’t everyone say you should marry your best friend?

Jaime Seger has two goals in life: marry her best friend, the man that owns her heart and soul, and buy her very own grand piano. But Christopher McKay, who has no idea Jaime’s been in love with him since she was eleven years old, never gets the memo and marries someone else.

When Christopher’s wife dies, Jamie finds herself helping him raise his young daughter. A year later, she is on the other end of a very unlikely proposal, promising everything she thought she ever wanted.

But can their friendship survive a marriage of convenience?

After reading book one in the Pianos & Promises series, I think I am becoming a serious fan of Jennifer Peel. It’s no surprise to readers of this blog that I have a very hard time reading books written in the first person. I very rarely make it past the first few chapters and as soon as I started to read this one, I groaned. Oh no, not another first person story!!! But a funny thing happened, I kept reading. And I liked it.

I more than liked it. I f*cking liked it.

Many of my first person objections hold, but Pianos & Promises of Jaime and Chris was so emotional, such a sharp pain to my heart at times that I actually cried. Jaime’s heartbreak was visceral and though this is just a novella, it certainly didn’t feel like it. Jennifer Peel did a fantastic job capturing and bottling that emotion for the page. The characters had layers, such depth as well as a rich history that went back decades.

The premise of this story is right up my alley because I love a friends to lovers trope, and this one tugged on all the heartstrings. It was refreshing to see, for once, the hero working hard to prove himself to the woman, rather than her doing some very creative justifying in order to take him back.

This isn’t a new story but it’s been sitting in my Kindle for quite some time and I finally just cracked it open. I’m glad I did…because it’s a three book bundle, baby!

Review ~ Coming Home – Kimberley O’Malley

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Dr. Elizabeth Abbott Fitzgerald has spent the last ten years of her life running; from tragedy, from family, from love. But now her mother’s failing health calls her home to Windsor Falls, North Carolina; to the place where her past awaits. Sam Bishop can’t believe his eyes when the love of his life returns after ten long years. All he wants is to clear his conscience and get back the family he lost when Connor, his best friend and Elizabeth’s husband died tragically. Could it really be true that time heals all wounds?

Coming Home tells the story of ER doctor Elizabeth Fitzgerald and her journey back to the woman she used to be when called home to Windsor Falls. After back to back tragedies sent her running across the country a decade ago, her mother’s health scare brings her back where she belongs and face to face with her best friend Sam. All grown up and more withdrawn than she remembers, Sam Bishop has a few words to say to the best friend he lost weeks after he lost the other. Kimberley O’Malley has created a wonderful small town with lots of personality, but more importantly the story of Elizabeth and Sam is emotional and tender and real. I had my doubts that these two would get their act together but their journey was a pleasure to follow. Continue reading Review ~ Coming Home – Kimberley O’Malley