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A Little Bit In Love ~ Just 99 CENTS!!!

After losing her birth parents and her adopted parents Alexis Mabry is used to being alone. So after a year of bad dates with everyone from sugar babies to cross dressers, she decides to stop dating altogether and focus on what matters most: her business and her friends in Mustang Prairie.

When she meets a handsome stranger on vacation she starts to wonder if maybe its time to get back in the game.

Baxter Thompsen spent the last decade building his empire to the exclusion of everything but sex. Now tired of the socialites and starlets, he wants someone real. When he finds her, Alex only wants a vacation fling and it’s up to Baxter to show her that lust is great, but love is everything.

Is it lust, is it like or are Baxter and Alex just a little bit in love?

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“If you’re real nice to me maybe I’ll let you take me home and show you how well I can earn my keep.” He winked and smiled just enough to reveal a charming dimple.

I don’t believe this shit. Alexis was upset. No she was pissed. After spending an inordinate amount of time getting waxed, buffed and polished at the spa on the top floor of her business World of Wonder, she headed to the second floor to get her thick brown hair trimmed and highlighted by her Brazilian wunderkind Stephan. Once at home she slathered her body in lavender oil before sliding into a feminine rusted orange halter dress. It flowed beautifully around her toned legs, highlighting her tan skin and hugging her chest making it look much bigger than her b-cups. She decided on a sheer scarf to cover her best feature, her toned arms. Since most men were intimidated by her guns Alexis tended to cover them up on first dates. Men, she huffed still fuming over his presumptuousness. I can’t believe I broke in my new wedges for this. “Earn your keep?” She raised an eyebrow in his direction.

“Oh come on, sweetheart. You asked if I was intimidated by money, which means you have it.” He finished off his scotch in one disgusting gulp. “That means you have money but no man and you’re willing to pay for one.” The smug bastard actually sat back like he’d just solved String Theory or something equally difficult and important.

“Yeah, I don’t think so.” The nerve of this guy! Sure he was handsome. More like gorgeous as hell with sparkling blue eyes and a flop of curly black hair with matching inky lashes women would pay good money for. He was tall, over six feet, built for sex and obviously an idiot. “I was merely asking to see if there was a point to continuing this date. Obviously there isn’t.” She threw her napkin on the table, upset she wasted almost a full tank of gas on this long ass drive.

“Hey I’m fine with having a woman pay my way. I’m a modern kind of guy.” He flagged the waiter for another drink. “I mean you’re smokin’ ass hot so I would’ve banged you anyway, but you have money too? I might just marry your fine ass.”

Alexis shook her head, disgust mounting with the passing of every second. This guy was so delusional that the notion of taking him to the nearest hotel and having her way with him was no longer even appealing. “What did you just say to me?”

His eyebrows lifted as he finally caught on that his mouth was digging the hole deeper. “Look doll I’m just saying…” he stopped at her raised eyebrow.

“You did not just say that to me. You did not seriously just say that to me, what the hell is wrong with you?”

He slammed his old fashioned glass down hard on the wooden bistro table. “See this is exactly what’s wrong with you so called powerful women. You go around being all tough and acting like a man and then you wonder why no man will have you.” He reached over and gently laid his hand on top of hers. “But I will have you doll. All of you and any way you want me to take you, I will.” He smiled. Smiled. Like he was offering her some sort of gift.

She smiled her most sugary sweet smile, slowly batting her eyelashes like she was Betty Boop and leaned forward, hoping her B cup was enough to divert his attention from her clenched jaw and steel gaze. “Oh well gee thanks,” she drawled in her best impression of a Southern gentlewoman. “I guess my life is complete if some fucking Neanderthal says he’ll have me as long as I pay for him to sit around on his lazy ass all day long!” Alexis pushed her chair back harshly as she stood, grabbing her purse and leaning into him. “Here’s a little tip for you doll face,” she patted his cheek slightly harder than necessary, “next time a woman looks like this and shows up for a date with your sorry ass, just keep that beautiful mouth closed. Judging by what’s come out of that mouth tonight, I’m sure there’s only one thing you do well with it.” With that parting shot, she headed for the door.

“You’re missin’ out babe!” She didn’t bother to respond since the door cut off whatever other asinine comment he was shouting.

Outside Alex dug her ticket from her nude clutch and handed it over to the gawking young valet who quickly shuffled off to bring her car around. He’s cute, maybe I’ll become a cougar before my time. She shook her head at her wayward thoughts and made her way to the door the now blushing valet held open for her. “Thanks,” she muttered handing him a twenty dollar bill.

“My pleasure ma’am,” the kid turned an even brighter shade of red as he handed her into the driver’s seat while sneaking a long peek at her legs.

“Hey kid.”

He looked up, chagrined at being caught staring. “Yeah?”

“When you’re staring at a woman’s legs like you’re picturing them being wrapped around your head, don’t call her ‘ma’am’. Got it?”

He nodded, this time not bothering to turn his attention away from the way the skirt of her dress rode up her thighs. “Sure thing lady.” He closed the door and moved his gaze to her chest.

“Now kid, do these legs look like they belong to a lady?” She laughed lightly.

He shook his head vigorously. “No lady I know, that’s for sure.”

Alexis laughed harder this time as she slid her seatbelt into place. “Thanks kid, you just made my night.”

“Hey I’m not a kid, I’m almost twenty!”

“If I’m still single in five years I’ll come find you,” she waved as she pulled away with a bright smile on her face.

Review ~ Foolish Expectations – Alison Bliss

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Forever is the last thing they expected…

Lawyer Nash Sutherland encounters a spirited young woman with an untrusting nature in a Texas roadside bar. She’s as sexy as she is surly, and their undeniable attraction leads them to one night of pleasure…and a fateful condom mishap. By morning, the striking beauty has disappeared, but he can’t get her out of his head. She’s everything he wasn’t looking for, but now must find.

After one night of passion, Bailey Hobbs finds herself in an unexpected predicament. And the cause of it happens to be the persistent man standing in her living room, proposing a solution: marriage. She may be pregnant with Nash’s child, but after her past with a cheating ex, she refuses to put her faith in another man. But try telling that to a guy who argues for a living.

The only thing bigger than his…Stetson…is his ego, and Bailey knows firsthand how hard it is to resist Nash when he wants something. But she’s determined to keep him at an emotionally safe distance…one he refuses to allow. Because if Nash can’t get her to risk her heart once more, it will cost them the one thing that matters most.

This is the second book I’ve read by Alison Bliss and I actually liked it better than the first, which I liked also. Foolish Expectations is a small town romance that tells the story of Bailey and Nash. To say they were a one night stand would be accurate but also doesn’t get anywhere near telling the whole story, but I don’t want to give away the good stuff so I won’t. Continue reading Review ~ Foolish Expectations – Alison Bliss