Review ~ Foolish Expectations – Alison Bliss

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Forever is the last thing they expected…

Lawyer Nash Sutherland encounters a spirited young woman with an untrusting nature in a Texas roadside bar. She’s as sexy as she is surly, and their undeniable attraction leads them to one night of pleasure…and a fateful condom mishap. By morning, the striking beauty has disappeared, but he can’t get her out of his head. She’s everything he wasn’t looking for, but now must find.

After one night of passion, Bailey Hobbs finds herself in an unexpected predicament. And the cause of it happens to be the persistent man standing in her living room, proposing a solution: marriage. She may be pregnant with Nash’s child, but after her past with a cheating ex, she refuses to put her faith in another man. But try telling that to a guy who argues for a living.

The only thing bigger than his…Stetson…is his ego, and Bailey knows firsthand how hard it is to resist Nash when he wants something. But she’s determined to keep him at an emotionally safe distance…one he refuses to allow. Because if Nash can’t get her to risk her heart once more, it will cost them the one thing that matters most.

This is the second book I’ve read by Alison Bliss and I actually liked it better than the first, which I liked also. Foolish Expectations is a small town romance that tells the story of Bailey and Nash. To say they were a one night stand would be accurate but also doesn’t get anywhere near telling the whole story, but I don’t want to give away the good stuff so I won’t.

I liked this story but I will tell you up front that both Nash and Bailey take some time to warm up to because they are both pretty damn abrasive. She has a huge chip on her shoulder—rightfully so—but it makes it hard to root for her for much of the book. Nash is…hotter than hell, successful and charming as all get out. But he is also part of this whole uber alpha craze that makes me bonkers. Yes, he is a take charge guy but he’s also kind of a dick. He steamrolls right over Bailey when it comes to making decisions and it does come from a good place but I found it annoying.

The steam between them was super hot and kept the story propelling forward, which I enjoyed. A lot. But the thing that made me craziest was that these are two adults which means they should be able to talk things out…right?


Every single problem they had was because they never opened their mouths when the should have. When it was time for flirting and sex, they couldn’t shut up with throw some feelings out there and they snapped shut. It was frustrating but I kind of liked it because it made them real.

Despite the flaws I found in both Bailey and Nash, I really enjoyed their story even if I did want to shake the hell out of them once in a while.

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