Review ~ The Island by Alyne Hart

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For 31 year old Amie Graham, life on the island was supposed to be simpler – simpler than the life and problems she left behind. Less complicated and less dramatic than life back home. That was the plan anyway.
But fate, it seems, has a sense of humor and it throws a complication or two right in her path.
Complication one, Michael.
If you could cross a model with a football player, you’d get Michael, at least how Amie sees him. Long dark blonde hair, packed with rounded muscles and well over six feet tall, he’s gorgeous, he’s funny, sweet and vulnerable. He’s her own Greek god among men, and she finds herself falling in love with him.
Complication two, Gabe. 
Gabe is beautiful, serene and intelligent, and Amie finds herself drawn to him. With his curly brown hair, soulful green eyes and olive skin decorated with tattoos and piercings – she finds herself falling in love with him also.
The other problem? They’re best friends – and they’re in love with her too. Can three people really love each other, or is the air of the island just messing with their hearts and minds?

I’m going to preface this review by telling you that yes, I met the author at an online event where authors and readers get together to talk romance, and I won this book during a giveaway. That being said, I don’t review all books that I win because some—like The Island—aren’t in a genre I normally read and I don’t always feel that I can appropriately review it. But this was such an unexpected treat that I had to share my thoughts.

That being said, The Island was a really good read. Unexpectedly so. I’ll admit that I’ve only read a few MFM novels and mostly because of all the hot sweaty monkey sex. But this is a different read altogether. The focus was on the relationship, the characters and how they grew on that island.

And hello, when and how can I get to this fantastic place?!?!

So, Amie. She was looking for something simple after a whole lot of not so simple in her life. She wasn’t really looking for anything but a change. Simplicity. Peace. What she found instead were Michael and Gabe, two people she didn’t know she needed. But she did.

She so did.

Personally, I am fascinated by the intricacies of polyamorous relationships (have been since Big Love) and the way the author really digs into Amie’s mindset and coming to terms with having feelings for more than one man, and considering how she ended up on the island, I’d say it was really a journey for her and I got to witness it.

The Island wasn’t a story I expected to like but it pulled me right in and I had to know how it all turned out. And of course, I had to get to the steam because…I’m a dirty pervert and I like the steam! With or without the steam, this is a beautiful love story, albeit nontraditional, and it’s all the more intriguing because of it.

More about Alyne Hart here.


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