Review ~ A Time to be Tender by Sheila Seabrook

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Heartbreaking to heartwarming…stories of love and redemption, trust and second chances.

It started out as an escape…
Help one sad and lonely widower get his life—and his family—back together again while she hid from her past. But Jane Watts didn’t expect to fall for the cowboy next door. Nor did she anticipate he’d fall for her in return.

It was supposed to be an easy out…
The booze, the brawls, the bull riding. But Mike Toryn didn’t ask to be saved by his secretive neighbor. Nor did he expect that he would want to save her in return.

What should have been uncomplicated and temporary had suddenly become profound and heartbreaking. And neither Mike nor Jane did heartbreak, not ever again.

From the Rocky Mountain contemporary romance series:
Book 1 – Always Remember
Book 2 – Terms of Surrender
Book 3 – A Time to be Tender

This story was surprisingly good, if a little slow and quite heavy at times, but A Time to be Tender didn’t suffer for it. This is the story about two people, Jane and Mike, who needed each other more than they realized. Both have been dragged through hell, and only with the help of each other, will they find their way back to a life in the light.

Mike lost the love of his life, his wife, and he just completely fell apart. Spectacularly fell apart to the point where a social worker came in and took his twin girls from him. Instead of working hard to get it all back, Mike went in the other direction, drinking and fighting, oh and bull riding. Because you know, that’s safe.

Jane, well Jane has been through even more and the stubborn woman refuses to talk about it. With anyone. I won’t give away her secrets because they are a really big part of A Time to be Tender, but it is a doozy. But thanks to her meddling mama, she and Mike start spending time together and they both begin to feel better.

The thing I liked about this story was that it didn’t read like your traditional romance. The build was slow, as it should be between two broken people, but even though it was rarely mentioned, you could see the affection building. The trust and eventually, the love.

Jane was a real treat because her insecurities were very real and once you find out why, completely understandable. It wasn’t some perceived problem that makes the reader roll her eyes and skim ahead. If I had any complaint it would be that I had to wait until the end of the story to find out what happened to Jane. I just felt like if that reveal had come sooner, it would have been more satisfying.


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