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Review ~ Up for Heir – Ruth Cardello

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Spencer Westerly is his own man. He didn’t need his father’s money to build his wildly successful tech company—and he doesn’t want to deal with the fallout from old family secrets. But as much as Spencer wants to avoid Westerly drama, his grandmother—the family matriarch—is determined to pull him back into the fold. And she’s discovered the perfect lure: his college sweetheart, Hailey.

Although she broke his heart, Hailey is still the only woman he’s ever loved. Now that she’s back and looking as desirable as ever, Spencer is determined to get a second chance.

A lot has changed for Hailey Tiverton. The only thing that hasn’t? The inexplicable pull she feels toward Spencer. When they were younger, his work was his priority. Now, he’d better be willing to prove that, this time, love comes first…

I’ll let you know right up front that I am a pretty big Ruth Cardello fan. Also, I got a copy of this from NetGalley for a review!

From the beginning of Up for Heir, I was pretty sure that I would hate Delinda. She made it easy, by being so blatantly manipulative. The old woman has a pretty fractured family, but most of it isn’t her fault, and now that she’s older and lonely, she wants nothing more than to have them all back into the fold.

Too bad she never heard the old adage about catching more flies with honey.

Delinda wants Spencer back in his life and she sees his old college girlfriend as the quickest route to her goal. But I don’t think even Delinda counted on falling in love with Hailey or her niece Skye, which made it easier to like her. More importantly, I understood her and I LOVED the way Hailey managed to get through to her.

Now on to Spencer and Hailey.

Boy, oh boy did these two give me a headache! Hailey with all of her second guessing—though I understood her reasons—was like a bad roller coaster ride. And Spencer, yeah dude, we get it. Your mom is a big ol’ liar and gave you some issues. But you’re a grown man so suck it up and get over it.

You could tell right away that feelings still lingered between them, but they couldn’t get out of their own way long enough to make it happen! Honestly though, I liked Spencer and I wanted him to find forgiveness and reconnect with his family, but if I’m being honest I still didn’t think he deserved Hailey. The way he dropped the ball in college and the way he just jumped to conclusions, doesn’t sound like a guy in love…no matter what the photos say.

I enjoyed Up for Heir, a lot. Despite the fact that both main characters kind of worked my nerves, I had a good time reading this book and it only took me about a day to finish it.

Now I’m very curious about Brett’s story, so I’m going back and getting a copy of In the Heir!

Review ~ Where You Least Expect – Kaya Blue

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Navy SEAL Joe MacDermid came to Thornehill Springs, North Carolina seeking peace and quiet and maybe a break from his hectic life. But his next-door neighbor Verna Love seems intent on making sure he doesn’t get any of either.

Verna takes pride in being a nice person, but when it comes to Joe, she just can’t help herself. Getting under his skin gives her an unexplainable satisfaction, and it doesn’t hurt that Joe is the picture of masculine perfection, especially when he’s angry. She’s smart enough to know that he’d never be interested in her, not with all her flaws, but she can’t pretend that goading him isn’t one of the highlights of her day.

But when circumstances force the two of them together, they might find love where they least expect.



I have to admit that as intriguing as the description of this book was, I was skeptical. A well-written blurb, as I can attest, can really make a book sound amazing…much like a movie trailer. And in that same way you often come away from a movie thinking, “all the good parts were in the trailer.”

Fortunately that was not the case with Where You Least Expect. This book is a surprising gem of a read that had me laughing a lot. And fanning my overheated skin. Continue reading Review ~ Where You Least Expect – Kaya Blue

~Review Not Quite Perfect – Gretchen Galway

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