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LIVE TODAY: Sazerac & Sunset Kisses

Guess what’s LIVE today?

The Rebel Girlz are back and next up is the sweet girl next door, the quiet cousin, Pepper.


Pepper Covington needs a change. She’s already gotten rid of a cheating fiancée, left her hometown outside Atlanta in favor of a summer in New Orleans, and now it’s time she focused on having the career she’s always wanted. Video games. Specifically she wants to create them, and New Orleans is as good as anyplace else. Continue reading LIVE TODAY: Sazerac & Sunset Kisses

COVER REVEAL ~ Mint Juleps & Moonlight Melodies

She was ready to become her own woman…

Passion. It’s the one thing Marilyn’s life has been missing all the years. After two years of mediocre sex, she gets up in the middle of the act and ends her relationship with the golden boy everyone thought she would marry. Now one year later she’s ready to pursue her own dreams. And her own passions.

When her cousin Dixie proposes a summer in New Orleans to work on their goals away from parental expectations, Marilyn eagerly agrees.

Mint Juleps & Moonlight Melodies

He wasn’t ready for the bombshell girl next door…

Zack likes his life just the way it is, especially now that his band books enough gigs to pay the bills. When he needs an itched scratched there’s no end to willing participants, but he hadn’t counted on the southern belle next door or those miles of smooth legs on display in the itty bitty shorts she favored.

When she approaches him in that shy way of hers asking for lessons on passions, he thought she was crazy. Then he thought she was the best damn thing that ever happened to him.

Neither of them were ready for what happens when they’re together.


Now Live: Sweet Tea & Tattoo Ink

Great news; book one in my new Rebel Girlz Romance series, Sweet Tea & Tattoo Ink is now live and available for purchase on Amazon.

You’ve already been introduced to these feisty girls and now you get to meet Dixie and Taz, and watch how they fell in love.

Sweet Tea FB

BLURB: Dixie Covington is a redheaded spitfire with a sultry southern drawl. She loves her family, her small piece of the world and her art. But what Dixie desires more than anything is the freedom to fall in love with a man of her own choosing. So when her parents announce her engagement to a man she’s not even dating, Dixie and her closest friends pack their bags and head to The Big Easy for summer of fun and who knows what else. Continue reading Now Live: Sweet Tea & Tattoo Ink

Meet The Rebel Girlz

I’ve been away for awhile working on a new project and since it’s getting close to publishing time I figured I’d share some information about the Rebel Girlz with you!

Rebel Girlz is a novella series featuring three rebellas, Dixie, Pepper and Marilyn. Three southern women who are bucking tradition when it comes to living and loving.

Rebel Girlz Continue reading Meet The Rebel Girlz

My Interview with Author Classifieds

Promoting a book is never done…especially for an indie writer. So, I’ve done another one. It’s a new set of questions so maybe a few of yours will be answered.

Read the interview here.

Feels Like Love_final Continue reading My Interview with Author Classifieds

Book Goodies Interview!

When a new book comes out, there are tons of things you as an author must do to promote the book. Interviews are one thing, but the good thing about these interviews is that they don’t ask you stupid questions like “what’s your biggest weakness?”

So when I sat down to chat with the folks over at BookGoodies, I was prepared to talk all things writing, romance & love, and of course…Sadie & Dylan. Get to know a bit more about me and Feels Like Love when you check out the interview HERE!!!!!

Want to know a little more about Sadie & Dylan? Enjoy this teaser and book description!

sadie BW guitar_teaser Continue reading Book Goodies Interview!

Feels Like Love BOOK BASH

The lovely ladies over at AuthorClassifieds are hosting a Book Bash to help celebrate the release of Feels Like Love!

I love a good party as much as anyone, and especially as much as the ladies of Mustang Prairie and I’m super excited to share Sadie & Dylan’s story with the world. If you haven’t caught up yet on what’s going on, don’t worry, Feels Like Love is a standalone book. But as these things tend to go, you’ll know everyone if you’ve read Conflict of Interest and A Little Bit In Love.

But I digress…the party. Continue reading Feels Like Love BOOK BASH

Feels Like Love – LIVE!!!!

I am happy, giddy really, to announce that Feels Like Love (Mustang Prairie Book 3) is now ready for purchase!

Sadie and Dylan’s story is one that starts out as friends and morphs into something deeper over time. I had a fantastic time writing it and I hope that you guys love it as much as I do! Right now it’s only available in digital, but paperback will be available shortly…I promise.

Feels_Like_Love_FINAL full cover

Continue reading Feels Like Love – LIVE!!!!

My Author Classifieds Interview

I’ve discovered on this journey to published authordom that I LOVE talking about books. Whether it is my own books, other people’s book or just reading in general I’m always stoked to talk about it.

So when Ravannah over at Author Classifieds asked me if she could interview me, I jumped at the chance! I talk a bit about my newest novel, Feels Like Love as well as the other books in the Mustang Prairie series.  Continue reading My Author Classifieds Interview

COVER REVEAL ~ Feels Like Love (Mustang Prairie Book 3)

I’m so excited that the time  has come to show you the cover of Feels Like Love. This book has been a labor of love for me, because Sadie & Dylan’s story touched me. Life got in the way so it took a bit more time to get it finished.

But…it’s being edited as we speak with a tentative publish date of 14-January!

That’s the good news. The great news is that I LOVE this cover and I think you’ll find Sadie & Dylan’s story one that will touch you deeply. I listened to a lot of music writing this story, a lot of Adele, Nina Simone, Fiona Apple and Odetta so you should get a pretty good idea of Sadie’s voice! I fell in love with country music and reconnected with a few old artists who used to get overplayed on my playlists.  Continue reading COVER REVEAL ~ Feels Like Love (Mustang Prairie Book 3)