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Welcome To Mustang Prairie

You ever enter a town and you…just know? You belong and you can just tell that its a place you’ll love forever. Well even though I am a city girl and I will tell you that often enough, when I sat down to write my first romance since my teen years I thought about what that town would look like for me.

The result? Mustang Prairie.

Mustang Prairie is a small town in central Illinois filled with your every day weirdos like me. You’ve already met Shellie in Conflict of Interest. Shellie is a do-gooder through and through. She wants everyone to be happy and she’s willing to work hard for those she loves to achieve it.

Conflict of Interest

Soon you’ll get to meet Alex, Shellie’s BFF and a small business owner in Mustang Prairie. Alex is a bit more fiery than Shellie but she’s willing to go to the mat for her loved ones, as you’ll see when A Little Bit In Love is released on April 7th.

But one of the things that’s so great about small towns is all the other little characters that make a town a home. The frisky elderly couple, the salt of the earth waitress/restaurant owner and the chef with the fake French accent. These characters have become my second home, my friends…my people.

Get to know Shellie and her love interest Noel this week when you pick up Conflict of Interest for FREE! Then next week swing on by and pick up Alex’s story, A Little Bit In Love!

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TEASER – Conflict of Interest

Sometimes it’s nice to get a glimpse into the mind of your favorite characters, which is why teasers are way better than long-winded excerpts. Here’s a bit to get whet your appetite for more Noel & Shellie!

This week until April 3, enjoy a FREE copy of Conflict of Interest!

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Conflict of Interest – AVAILABLE NOW!

Shellie Winthrop is happy with her life in Mustang Prairie. She has her best friend Alex, her consulting business that helps the town businesses prosper, Merlot Mondays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and…you get it) plus a town full of people she’s known and loved most of her life. When super sexy Noel Hampton moves to town he shows her how much happier she could be.

Noel Hampton is not happy about moving from NYC to the speck of a town called Mustang Prairie. But if he wants to make VP of KitchenMart he’ll go and he will make it work. But when he encounters a petite spitfire hellbent on standing in his way, Noel finds there is more to life than career advancement.

Conflict of Interest is Book 1 in the Mustang Prairie Romance series but each book can be read as a standalone story…no cliffhangers!

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Look for A Little Bit In Love SOON!

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My friend, author Maggie Adams, is doing a cover reveal and giveaway in anticipation of her new TEMPERED STEEL novel, Leather and Lace. Book 1, Whistlin’ Dixie is out now—>Rush to Amazon and get it today!  Continue reading LEATHER AND LACE COVER REVEAL – PLUS AMAZING GIVEAWAY

A Little Bit In Love – TEASER!

So my teaser for A Little Bit In Love is finally ready for public consumption. This is the story of Alex and Baxter, who want different things in relationships. What was supposed to be a vacation affair ends up as so much more…


She Was Done With Men…

Alexis Mabry has given up her search for love. Between wannabe sugar babies, toe suckers and the guy who wanted to share her lingerie she is fed up with the dating scene and bows out gracefully. Mostly. Instead she focuses on what makes sense to her: her company and her friends in Mustang Prairie. When she meets Gorgeous Baxter on a trip to Los Angeles she starts to wonder if that strange feeling in her heart is love. Continue reading A Little Bit In Love – TEASER!

A Little Bit In Love…Coming Soon!

I am close to completion on Alexis’ story, A Little Bit In Love. The good news is that my cover is done!

Alex and Baxter have been a fun couple to write about and even though I can’t say much, I will say that Alex is as sassy as she was in Conflict of Interest if not sassier. Parts of this story will take place in California where Noel and Shellie spend much of their time. I chose to place some of the story in California because it was my home for quite a few years and living overseas now I do miss the clear blue skies (minus the smog) and quick access to the beach.

Some of your favorite characters will return–I’m talking about you Amelia–with more information and you’ll meet a few new folks like the Alex’s elderly neighbors who I have to say are a hoot. I’m aiming for release around December 26th or so so keep coming back for more.

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Conflict of Interest (A Mustang Prairie Romance) Release Sept. 17

Conflict of Interest will be released on September 17, 2014 on Pre-order your copy today!

conflict of interest_mustang prairie romance

About this book:

She wasn’t looking for love…

Shellie Winthrop is done with men, especially the too good looking, too smooth for their own good variety. She just wants to help her fellow Mustang Prairie citizens make their businesses successful. She certainly doesn’t want him, does she?

He wasn’t looking for her…

The last place Noel Hampton wants to be is Mustang Prairie. There’s no Starbucks, no Armani and no skyscrapers for hundreds of miles. What he wants is to climb the ladder of success and get back to the city. What he doesn’t want is a feisty whiskey-eyed imp fighting him at every turn.

Sometimes what we fight the hardest is what we love the most…

Her goals could cost him his career; his goals could cost her the town she loves. Will Shellie and Noel learn that sometimes not getting what you want is just what you need?