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Review ~ Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn

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This marriage is strictly business . . . until the temptation gets way too real.

Corbin: I loved my grandma, but I don’t need her money. All I care about is keeping the house—the only place that’s ever felt like home. That, and screwing over my dad, who wants to turn the property into a mall. There’s only one catch: To receive my inheritance, I have to get married within six months. Me, the guy who’s never dated a girl for more than six minutes. Now I need to find a woman I can trust. So when I’m rear-ended by a Prius, I figure it’s a sign that I’m supposed to meet gorgeous, down-to-earth Teagan Monroe.

Teagan: First I lose my job. Then I come home and find out—in the most graphic way possible . . . yeah, that way—that my boyfriend is a cheating jerk. And then I speed off and nearly kill Portland’s sexiest bachelor. Corbin Lane should be pissed. Instead, he offers me more money than I’ve ever seen in my life to marry him and live together in a mansion for two years. No sex. No feelings. Just cash—enough to make all my dreams come true. Then we go and break all our rules . . . and I realize I’m falling in love with my fake fiancé.

I have to say that marriage of convenience is one of my favorite tropes. I don’t care that it’s predictable because what I love most is how the hero and heroine try to fight a losing battles because it is a blast to watch!

Corbin and Teagan have both had their run of bad crap lately. The only family member who mattered to him died and put a huge caveat on his inheritance, which at first had me thinking, “oh, poor little rich boy.” But the more I learned about Corbin—and the sperm donor he called ‘dad’—the more I understood his reason for going through with the charade. And Teagan, well she just had one of those bad days that usually ended with all of your closest girlfriends and copious amounts of junk food and booze. Since she has no girlfriends, she gets to add more crap to her life…in the form of an auto accident.

Don’t get me wrong, Stacey Lynn didn’t reinvent the genre by any means, but Fake Wife was a fun read that kept me smiling (nearly) the whole way. I really enjoyed the insta-love where I normally loathe it, because neither Corbin nor Teagan acted on it. In fact, they fought it so hard that at times I wanted to clunk their heads together.

Fake Wife was honestly just a damn good time. There was the greedy villainous relative who wanted to take the inheritance and make even more money on it—but I’ll say it again Stacey Lynn changed it up by giving us even more reasons to hate the villain. There was the expected miscommunication, but it was resolved quick enough that it didn’t ruin the ending.

In general, I’ve been hit or miss with this author since her Fireside series ended, but Fake Wife has given me a very convenient case of reader’s amnesia because I truly enjoyed it.

NEW RELEASE & Review ~ Roomies by Christina Lauren

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Marriages of convenience are so…inconvenient. 

For months Holland Bakker has invented excuses to descend into the subway station near her apartment, drawn to the captivating music performed by her street musician crush. Lacking the nerve to actually talk to the gorgeous stranger, fate steps in one night in the form of a drunken attacker. Calvin Mcloughlin rescues her, but quickly disappears when the police start asking questions.

Using the only resource she has to pay the brilliant musician back, Holland gets Calvin an audition with her uncle, Broadway’s hottest musical director. When the tryout goes better than even Holland could have imagined, Calvin is set for a great entry into Broadway—until his reason for disappearing earlier becomes clear: he’s in the country illegally, his student visa having expired years ago.

Seeing that her uncle needs Calvin as much as Calvin needs him, a wild idea takes hold of her. Impulsively, she marries the Irishman, her infatuation a secret only to him. As their relationship evolves and Calvin becomes the darling of Broadway—in the middle of the theatrics and the acting-not-acting—will Holland and Calvin to realize that they both stopped pretending a long time ago?

Roomies was a fun read and it would have been a great one if not for its first person telling. But despite all that, I loved the story of Holland and Calvin.

Holland is a glorified gofer for her uncle’s wildly successful musical productions but she secretly longs to be something more. A novelist. But her own lack of self-confidence is getting in the way so she’s content-ish to keep working for her uncle.

Until she hears the voice of an angel in the subway, screws up her courage to go talk to him and then falls prey to a random attacker and her sweet singer steps in to protect her. What’s a girl to do? Honestly the only thing she can do is return the favor, in the form of her brilliant musically successful uncle. But this is a romance novel which means there is some sort of problem, which in this case, is Calvin’s citizenship status. Or lack of.

And that’s where things really get interesting!

His story is so inspiring and brave that Holland offers to help him with his problem because he’s talented and because it’s the right thing to do. One of the things I loved that Christina Lauren did with this story was, she made Holland honorable. Sure she was harboring a serious crush on Calvin, but it didn’t feel like that’s why she decided to help him. The chemistry was apparent from the moment she gave him an adorable mini-lecture about Holland. In the Netherlands.

And my goodness but unrequited love is the worst and I felt her pain. Down deep. But I loved how Calvin didn’t just take from her. Nope, Roomies is a tale about two good people who form a bond and help each other achieve their dreams. And that is what a really good romance is all about.

So I’m giving this story 4.5, it didn’t bother me that it was written in first person stars!

Review ~ Pianos & Promises Book 1 – Jennifer Peel

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Doesn’t everyone say you should marry your best friend?

Jaime Seger has two goals in life: marry her best friend, the man that owns her heart and soul, and buy her very own grand piano. But Christopher McKay, who has no idea Jaime’s been in love with him since she was eleven years old, never gets the memo and marries someone else.

When Christopher’s wife dies, Jamie finds herself helping him raise his young daughter. A year later, she is on the other end of a very unlikely proposal, promising everything she thought she ever wanted.

But can their friendship survive a marriage of convenience?

After reading book one in the Pianos & Promises series, I think I am becoming a serious fan of Jennifer Peel. It’s no surprise to readers of this blog that I have a very hard time reading books written in the first person. I very rarely make it past the first few chapters and as soon as I started to read this one, I groaned. Oh no, not another first person story!!! But a funny thing happened, I kept reading. And I liked it.

I more than liked it. I f*cking liked it.

Many of my first person objections hold, but Pianos & Promises of Jaime and Chris was so emotional, such a sharp pain to my heart at times that I actually cried. Jaime’s heartbreak was visceral and though this is just a novella, it certainly didn’t feel like it. Jennifer Peel did a fantastic job capturing and bottling that emotion for the page. The characters had layers, such depth as well as a rich history that went back decades.

The premise of this story is right up my alley because I love a friends to lovers trope, and this one tugged on all the heartstrings. It was refreshing to see, for once, the hero working hard to prove himself to the woman, rather than her doing some very creative justifying in order to take him back.

This isn’t a new story but it’s been sitting in my Kindle for quite some time and I finally just cracked it open. I’m glad I did…because it’s a three book bundle, baby!

Review ~ Foolish Expectations – Alison Bliss

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Forever is the last thing they expected…

Lawyer Nash Sutherland encounters a spirited young woman with an untrusting nature in a Texas roadside bar. She’s as sexy as she is surly, and their undeniable attraction leads them to one night of pleasure…and a fateful condom mishap. By morning, the striking beauty has disappeared, but he can’t get her out of his head. She’s everything he wasn’t looking for, but now must find.

After one night of passion, Bailey Hobbs finds herself in an unexpected predicament. And the cause of it happens to be the persistent man standing in her living room, proposing a solution: marriage. She may be pregnant with Nash’s child, but after her past with a cheating ex, she refuses to put her faith in another man. But try telling that to a guy who argues for a living.

The only thing bigger than his…Stetson…is his ego, and Bailey knows firsthand how hard it is to resist Nash when he wants something. But she’s determined to keep him at an emotionally safe distance…one he refuses to allow. Because if Nash can’t get her to risk her heart once more, it will cost them the one thing that matters most.

This is the second book I’ve read by Alison Bliss and I actually liked it better than the first, which I liked also. Foolish Expectations is a small town romance that tells the story of Bailey and Nash. To say they were a one night stand would be accurate but also doesn’t get anywhere near telling the whole story, but I don’t want to give away the good stuff so I won’t. Continue reading

Review ~ Royal Scandal – Marquita Valentine

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